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Synonyms for exacerbate

Synonyms for exacerbate

exasperate or irritate

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The Negative Outlook reflects continued operational challenges exacerbated by industry pressures and numerous ongoing investigations.
Supervisor Frank Schillo said he didn't think breaking off the department would solve its problems, which were exacerbated by $1.
The higher temperatures used for lead-free processing place greater stress on components and boards, which is exacerbated by cumulative heat exposures.
The Los Angeles Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals also issued a warning Tuesday, and said problems could be exacerbated if an animal bolts blindly into traffic or becomes disoriented.
While Lambert said the city has assigned no blame for the reporting errors yet, he said a general confusion about what forms and reports needed to be submitted for the landfill was exacerbated by the changing of operators of the landfill, and ownership of Santa Clarita Disposal.
More importantly, however, is the potentially exacerbated structural budget imbalance depending on how local governments incorporate the payment date change," said Jessalynn K.
Doctors were busy throughout the Southland as the winds exacerbated allergies.
Furthermore, JFK IAT's weakening financial margins are exacerbated by the large debt load, including $934 million series 6 bonds and the $163 million PA subordinate loan for completion funding.
The soccer organization said its concern about losing a field was exacerbated by the fact that it stands to lose one midsize field next year when construction is complete on tennis courts.
Both the overall economy and the airline industry are coming out of a down cycle that was exacerbated by the tragic events of September 11.
This contributed to upward pressure on inflation, which was exacerbated by depreciation of the kina, reflecting also the relapse to a 1% of GDP current account deficit and diminished confidence due to violence and alleged fraud in the July 2002 national elections.
An attorney for Trical, the company hired to treat the field, said the suit is baseless and is the result of panic exacerbated by anti-pesticide activists.
The dispute between the DOR and banks with REITs was exacerbated on March 5, 2003, when the Governor of Massachusetts signed legislation that declared that the dividends which banks received from a REIT subsidiary subject to state taxation, retroactive to 1999.
A statement from the Warriors read: "Henry Pyrgos exacerbated a wrist injury while away with Scotland (at the World Cup) and has undergone surgery at Spire Leeds Hospital, while under the care of the Scotland medical team.
As countries in Europe are increasingly realising, these tragedies have been exacerbated by the European system of no borders.