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a unit of information equal to 1000 petabytes or 10^18 bytes

a unit of information equal to 1024 pebibytes or 2^60 bytes

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The IBM LTO-3 Ultrium tape drives integrated by Exabyte more than double the capacity and speed of the popular LTO-2 drive, bringing capacity to 400GB (800GB compressed) and transfer speed to 80MB per second (160MB/sec compressed), thus shortening the time needed for backup and restore processes-a key benefit for companies with increasing storage requirements and shrinking backup windows.
Our relationship with Imation represents a major vote of confidence for the exciting opportunity we all see for VXA technology and the future of Exabyte," said Tom Ward, Exabyte president and CEO.
VXA is better suited for customers' current and future storage needs With its ground-breaking Packet Technology, Exabyte is poised to step in with greater capacity, faster transfer rates and superior reliability with our VXA-2 tape drive.
We will be looking closely at the way Exabyte works with its vendors, the way we manage the supply chain and the way we bring products to market to ensure that we are achieving maximum efficiency, productivity and profitability.
Tandberg Data and Exabyte recently announced an agreement for sale of substantially all of Exabyte's assets to Tandberg Data.
With the ever-increasing growth of data and the ever-shrinking backup time window, Exabyte recognizes the growing market trend toward automation.
In 2001, through its merger with Ecrix Corporation, Exabyte acquired a new tape technology, VXA.
eIuThese new products now offered through Exabyte provide SMB customers with a variety of options for LTO-2 technology at compelling price points,eIN said Kelly Beavers, Vice President, Product Marketing at Exabyte.
The cash payment to Exabyte at closing will be approximately $22,500,000, and will generally be equal to (1) the balance outstanding on the Wells Fargo loan, which holds a first priority security interest in the Company's assets, (2) the repayment obligations, as restructured, under the Company's 10% Secured Convertible Subordinated Notes (second priority security interest), and notes payable to Imation Corp.
Exabyte Corporation provides innovative tape storage solutions to customers whose top buying criteria is value -- maximum performance, quality and ease-of-use at a price they can afford.
Ultera Systems and Exabyte Corporation announced a partnering relationship to deliver breakthroughs in backup performance and reliability with a new tape RAID solution built around Exabyte's 690D DLTtape library.
Exabyte clearly understands these unique customer requirements and continues to release innovative products such as the Magnum 448 to meet these demands," said Exabyte president Tom Ward.
Exabyte Corporation , a performance and value leader in tape backup systems, today reported that the company received a letter from the Nasdaq Listing Qualifications Panel ("the Panel") stating the Panel was unwilling to grant the company's request for continued inclusion on The Nasdaq National Market pursuant to an exception to the $1.