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a person who was formerly a spouse

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In addition, if one spouse was on the payroll at the business and now will not be, the court will consider an alimony order to provide support until the ex-spouse can find other income.
If your ex-spouse has a pension in their own right, this will be taken into account.
When your strategies are created, be sure they're flexible enough to meet future needs (for instance, to make adjustments if you or your ex-spouse remarry), then review them at least annually and when a major event occurs.
However, this argument runs counter to the point made in Munford that the property was awarded to the payor in the divorce, and requiring that it later be paid to the payee ex-spouse is a de facto reopening of the property judgment.
The owner also can arrange for a direct transfer of assets by the IRA custodian or trustee to the sponsor of an IRA established and owned by the ex-spouse.
I imagine it can't be easy, and maybe I'm sensitive because I'm now an ex-spouse myself, but I didn't enjoy reading about the constant struggle between Sara and her husband.
The remaining, approximately one-quarter, had experienced violence at the hands of a spouse, ex-spouse or intimate partner.
This week's episode finds VIP Jacques Surrier sparring with ex-spouse, Madeleine.
In ruling that those payments were deductible, the court considered the fact that the payments were designed to prevent the payor from depriving his ex-spouse of her interest in his benefits.
The Welshman is selling discs containing 200 pictures because he says his ex-spouse cheated on him with his ex-best mate.
Some families may have legitimate fears--for instance, if a straight ex-spouse is hostile or vying for custody.
In one case, a man sent his new girlfriend from battered women's shelter to battered women's shelter trying to find his ex-spouse, she said.
Couples who don't want an ex-spouse to become part owner of the company should take into account that the business may grow in value over time.
We have to make sure that some ex-spouse or in-laws or distant relatives don't leave anything directly to the child in their will, because they'll undo what mom and dad have done," Ehlert said.