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a person who was formerly a spouse

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This study describes the added responsibility of maintaining a co-parenting relationship with their ex-spouse includes working together, keeping the father informed, and encouraging relationships all for the sake of the child.
Intense hostility between ex-spouses also leads to parents and or children to commit suicide.
Both the income recognized by the nonemployee ex-spouse from the exercise of stock options and the amounts of deferred compensation distributed to the ex-spouse are subject to income tax withholding.
An untimely death prior to revising the account ownership or beneficiary forms generally resulted in the surviving ex-spouse inheriting this type of asset.
And more so, Miss Manners notes, if the other ex-spouse has taken out a restraining order.
Each narrative is accompanied by commentary by Shirley Scott, MS, a registered nurse, grief counselor, and thanatologist, who reflects on the issues and patterns of disenfranchised grief, the reasons people might grieve after the death of an ex-spouse, and how this is normal.
If you frequent the same locations at certain times, you've given authorities a pattern ready-made for, say, ex-spouses or stalkers in law enforcement, political rivals, rogue officials, or anyone else with an agenda who may have access to the data.
Child support is money paid to your ex-spouse for support of your children.
A wide variety of new structural factors may affect the perception of their ex-spouse.
The Government is riding roughshod over localism" Comic Griff Rhys Jones objects to plans for a PS20m solar farm near his Suffolk home "High-flying narcissistic men hate the world to know their domestic foibles, lazy habits and minor failings and the threat of a frank and open story written by a deserted ex-spouse must be a nightmare" Margaret Cook, former wife of Robin Cook, on Vicky Pryce's book deal relating to her term in prison
Our counselors frequently see divorced persons who have a bad credit rating and are being contacted for payment because their ex-spouse did not pay a joint account that was assigned to them in the divorce decree:' says David Jones, president.
A Kansas district court ruled that an ex-spouse did not have an insurable interest in the life of her former husband because he objected to her attempts to obtain life insurance on his life pursuant to a court order, and that obtaining this insurance against his will was against public policy.
The Tax Court recently clarified that disability retirement benefits assigned to a former spouse under a divorce agreement are ineligible for exclusion from income, even though the benefits would qualify for exclusion as compensation for personal injury had the other ex-spouse received them.
The ex-spouse is given a pension credit against the member's pension rights - a cash value that can continue with the original pension provider but is treated separately.
In all states, an ex-spouse is eligible for coverage under COBRA (the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) for 36 months as long as the employer that provided the benefits has 20 or more employees, the ex-spouse was enrolled in the employer's group plan at the time of divorce and the ex-spouse can afford the full cost of the premium.