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a former president

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Ex-president Asif Ali Zardari on Monday reached Islamabad from Karachi specially to appear before the National Accountability Bureau court.
Asian ex-Presidents seem to get no respect, no respect at all.
Bush's aides said the president is already thinking of his own presidential -- library plans as well as his own role after 2008, as another relatively young ex-president.
2) Whether campaigning for fellow partisans, traveling on diplomatic missions, writing books and memoirs, opining in the media, or serving as informal advisers to sitting presidents, ex-presidents influence American politics in a variety of ways.
To placate the IMF, ex-president Habibie caved into human rights demands in August and promised the Indonesian-occupied territory of East Timor its independence.
As for the lodging for the ex-president, she said she already has a 3-room apartment in downtown Bishkek, while the law envisages lodging for ex-presidents in the State Residence.
Ex-presidents, wherever they eventually settle, are good for their neighborhoods.
The power of presidents, even ex-presidents, to create trends is immense.
Given the expanded profiles now enjoyed by retired chief executives, it is perhaps time to subject ex-presidents to similar scrutiny and classification.
True, the presidency itself is very visible, but its operations are hidden from the public eye, And ex-presidents haven't helped the cause of scholarship much.
Azimbek Beknazarov reminded that the Interim Government stripped both ex-Presidents of their immunity.
It would be salutary and refreshing if the three living and lucid ex-presidents - unfortunately Ronald Reagan can no longer speak responsibly - could jointly recall the country to its duties, senses and needs.
The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan has rejected amendments to the Law on Activities of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic suggesting lifting immunity from ex-Presidents of Kyrgyzstan.
Though Hanks brands it ``utter rubbish'' and ``total gibberish,'' it makes sense to a lot of people in Southern California, which always has been so attractive to ex-presidents and celebrities.
Beshimov suggested that article 12 on the \"Immunity of ex-Presidents of the Kyrgyz Republic\" and article 18 \"Protection of the honor and dignity of ex-Presidents\" should be deleted.