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Synonyms for ex officio

by virtue of an office or position

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by virtue of position

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The terms of members of BOG except ex-officio members, will be for three years and shall be eligible for reappointment for such term or terms as the government may determine but shall cease to hold office on attaining the age of sixty-five years or the expiry of the term whichever is earlier.
When the draft is adopted, a legal ground will be put in place for mandatory provision and exchange of evidence, such as various certificates and documents, and information ex-officio, which, in turn, is going to result in a more efficient and simpler administrative procedure and is going to reduce the administrative barriers for citizens in exercising their rights," Government Spokesman Aleksandar Gjorgjiev said.
The board selected Veronica Sikka, MD, PhD, MHA, MPH, a chief resident at Medical College of Virginia Hospitals, as the resident ex-officio board member.
Bishop Sue Moxley, one of three Canadian ACC representatives and presenter of the resolution, explained to Synod members that the phrase ex-officio means "you're automatically a member.
In addition to adding an ex-officio member to the governing board at the meeting in Phoenix, two of these local representatives have been elected to the Streamlined State and Local Advisory Council Steering Committee--Sonny Brasfield, assistant executive director of the Association of County Commissions of Alabama, and Michael Bailey, finance and information services administrator of the City of Renton, Wash.
Sussman remained active in ICSC as an ex-officio member of ICSC's Board of Trustees until the time of his death.
An ex-officio member, Jim Keskeny describes himself as fortunate to be involved in the MS movement internationally, nationally, and locally.
All chapter presidents and technical committee chairs will be ex-officio members of the leadership board.
Since joining JPMorgan Chase in 1983, Groppi has held a wide variety of business management, sales, marketing, client service and merger integration positions; ex-officio roles include board member of both JPMorgan Germany and the UK; President, MHACH Inc.
The Board is currently comprised of 15-seated members: three elected active duty police members; three elected active duty fire members; six ex-officio members appointed by Mayor Michael Duggan; one ex-officio member appointed by City Council; and, two retiree members, one each from police and fire.
The 2009-2011 GNA Board of Directors is (L-R) Katie Morales, RN, C, CLNC, BSN, Director of Membership Development; Wanda Jones, RN, MSN, FNP-BC, Director of Nursing Practice; Jill Williams, RN, MSN, CPHQ, MCSM, Treasurer; Judy Malachowski, PhD, RN, CNE, Director of Legislation/ Public Policy; Georgia Barkers, EdD, MBA, MHA, BSN, RN, Director of Leadership Development; Fran Beall, RN, ANP, BC, President; Dorethea Peters, RN-BC, Director of Workforce Advocacy; Deborah Hackman, CAE, ex-officio member, Chief Executive Officer; Rebecca Wheeler, MA, RN, BSN, Secretary; and Sheila Warren, MHA, MSN, RN, President-Elect.
Iqbal Qadri, MNA, Pervaiz Khan, MNA, Moulana Muhammad Qasim, MNA, Zafar Beg Bhittani, MNA, Secretary, Senate of Pakistan, Ex-officio Member Secretary, National Assembly of Pakistan, Ex-officio Member, Executive Director of the Institute, Ex-officio Member.
While McPherson is the state's chief elections officer, he is also an ex-officio member of the California State World Trade Commission.