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a former mayor

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Ex-Mayor Ken Jackson, 73, was left wiping yoke and shell from his face and red coat as the teen gagers laughed and ran off.
When asked what would make a Riordan administration significantly different from a Davis administration, the ex-mayor cites leadership.
WITHOUT SHAME: Pitcairn's ex-mayor Steve Christian says that underage sex is part of island life
So if anyone in Welshpool has the misfortune of being killed in action as a member of this country's armed forces, as long as they are either a member of the Royal Family or an ex-mayor then they can go to their grave safe in the knowledge that they will be duly honoured.
5) Ex-Mayor Richard Riordan swears in City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, flanked by his wife and baby.
The ex-mayor of Leamington hopes Mr Gorbachev could shed more light on Russia's position and help to bolster weak Anglo-Russian relations over the Kosovo crisis.
The Lenin district court today postponed the trial of Bishkek's ex-mayor Nariman Tyuleev until January 14 as one of the accused, former director of Bishkek cleaning company Tazalyk Bakyt Sydykov, had a surgery.
The row began in December 2002 when ex-mayor Mr Clague e-mailed Denbighshire council leader Eryl Williams, alleging planning officers had lied to members about a major housing development in Prestatyn.
In Islandshire ward three Lib Dems - Peter and Laraine Wotherspoon and ex-Mayor Rae Huntly - lost to Tories Heather Elliott, James Hutchinson and Flora Simpson.
Ex-mayor Cllr Eric Smith, who is set to retire from Town Hall duties next month, has been collared for general kitchen duties by his daughter in her new cafe at the top of Railway Terrace.
The rally in the town of Kara-Balta did not take place, but we intend to stage it in the capital city," Oomat Kazakbaev, ex-mayor of Kara-Balta and main organizer of the rally, said at the square in Kara-Balta on April 25.
Tony Prior, 67, ex-mayor of Chard in Somerset, became "infatuated" with 31-year-old Sally Bing.
The ex-mayor bowed before the Queen as she handed him the insignia of a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire.
Ex-mayor George Root said he remains opposed to taking parkland - despite city officials' explanation that Costco's sales tax is necessary to finance city services and despite Mayor Frank Roberts' assertion the former mayors were objecting primarily to get attention.
AN ex-mayor booted a boy's skateboard as the lad stood on it eating a packet of crisps, a court heard yesterday.