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(of telephone numbers) not listed in the telephone directory

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Slimy Sullivan, 50, got hold of her ex-directory number and warned that unless she co-operated "we will resort to things which are not very nice for you".
Finding someone's telephone number has never been more complicated and I don't know about anyone else, but when I get there these days, it's only to discover that the number's ex-directory.
When I then supplied the address, he wrongly told me the number was ex-directory.
When we moved house, we went ex-directory specifically to get rid of "cold callers".
And politicians had broken the law by sending "junk" messages to people with ex-directory numbers.
She changed her locks and went ex-directory, but Sharp broke in and stabbed her friend Jason Tait, 27, before murdering her.
Staff at MyTravel might want to give the three fat cats a call and get some advice on payoffs, but their grand homes are sadly ex-directory.
Mr Grainger said he couldn't make his telephone number ex-directory in case members of the church needed to contact him.
Mrs Thompson, 58, said: "I have not been able to talk to the children on the telephone as the family have had their number put on the ex-directory list.
Phone listings of Government ministers, special Downing Street hotlines, ex-directory home numbers and addresses were contained on the hand-held device.
He also managed to get hold of her ex-directory phone number and began ringing her at all hours.
His pleas went unanswered so he found Andrea's ex-directory number and started calling her at all hours.
Besotted girls have flooded Claire Sullivan's ex-directory number ever since the blunder.
Jeannie also revealed she had been the victim of threatening phone calls in the past and was eventually forced to go ex-directory.