ex officio

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Synonyms for ex officio

by virtue of an office or position

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by virtue of position

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The board's vote also eliminated the ex officio designation from the position of vice chair held by vicar general Fr.
Note: While all ex officio members are welcome at all meetings, the Chair shall clearly indicate in the call to each meeting the agenda to be discussed so that ex officio members shall know when it is necessary for them to attend.
Four common issues concern minutes, ex Officio members, rulings, and proxy voting.
With the work of the Visionary Task Force completed, ACA President Connie Coutellier has appointed a standing Public Awareness Committee that includes An Woods, chair; Chuck Ackenbom; Bill Cole; Katie Heidrich; Dave Hilliard; Al Sigoloff; Morry Stein; Henry Thomas; and Joe Kruger, ex officio.
edu), coordinator ex officio (appointed 2007); David Gilbert (ex officio), Bonna Boettcher (ex officio), Gary Hoffman (2005-7), Neil Hughes (2007), Brad Short (ex officio), Judy Tsou (2006), Philip Vandermeer (ex officio).
The President shall serve as an ex officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.
SEATTLE, June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Ex Officio, a leading manufacturer of performance engineered clothing for the outdoors and travel has moved their outlet store to downtown Seattle.
The student board member serves as an ex officio member of the district governing board, recording an opinion rather than a formal vote on all governing board issues.
edu), coordinator ex officio (appointed 2005); Pamela Bristah (ex officio), Bonna J.