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The assessor s primary role will be to determine whether an applicant is eligible for an ex gratia payment, and if so, assess what level of harm has been caused, he says.
She received a statutory compensation payment of PS26k under the terms of the PCPCS [Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme] and an additional ex gratia payment of PS27k.
In any case, in considering ex gratia payments, there could be missing facts - was such a payment offered, was any other offer to settle made?
Singh, who was posted as company quarter master havildar when the attack happened, is waiting for the " ex gratia of ` 2 lakh each for the Bihar victims" as announced by then Chief Minister of Bihar Rabri Devi.
The details of the ex gratia payment were worked out by the US in consultation with the Tamil Nadu government, India's External Affairs Ministry spokesman Syed Akbaruddin told reporters in New Delhi on Monday.
10) Without compensation legislation, the recourses available to exonerees in Australia are to apply for ex gratia awards, file a tort claim against liable parties, or propose an individualized compensation bill through Parliament.
Accordingly, we have reviewed our decision to void all in-running bets matched on the race and, in the interests of fairness, certain categories of voided bets will be compensated by way of ex gratia payments from Betfair.
Thipsay directed the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to disburse the ex gratia amounts to the employees by November 1.
Applications for the ex gratia $24,000 payments must be received by December 31, 2009.
For this reason, as well as the original sum of money, we are making an ex gratia payment of more than the equivalent interest on the sum involved.
The cash was offered as an ex gratia payment to support Mr Tinnion's daughter and would not set a precedent for the unmarried partners of servicemen killed in future action, he said.
The carrier is offering its 500 operations staff a one month ex gratia bonus payment in addition to a 13th month incentive bonus payment.
And the concessionaires who go are getting a package beyond the contractual obligations including ex gratia payments and free periods.
The boss vaguely mentioned I may get an ex gratia payment when the new supervisor starts but it is all very loose.
To help ensure that pensioners would continue to receive full benefits while a solution to their problems was being sought, Goldman Sachs made a substantial ex gratia contribution to The Maxwell Pensioners Trust at its inception some two years ago, and the firm has consistently supported the efforts made by Sir John Cuckney, Sir Peter Webster and others to arrange for contributions to be made by all concerned parties to the pension funds.