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After modeling the DS, these DS must be registered to the registration service, so the P-DS can find the appropriate DS from the registration service according to the user's query request, and generate query plan and evolvable WSDL/SOAP interface.
In any case, I start from the original meaning, and I think there is room for dispute as to what extent some of those elements of meaning are evolvable, such as the cruel and unusual punishment clause.
Tomassini, Towards Evolvable Hardware: The Evolutionary Engineering Approach, lecture notes in computer science, Vol 1062, Springer-Verlag, 1996.
All of this indicates a need for evolvable, tailorable, inter-operable, secure, distributed and high-performance enterprise information management systems, starting with engineering and production.
Amundsen will discuss the power and challenges of creating evolvable systems that allow both humans and machines to communicate, during his session "Such a Rich Set of Affordances: A Hypermedia Tale.
These challenges include evolvable threats and new technological means to exploit network and information security vulnerabilities of cyber systems that have eventually consequences in the physical world.
NASA intends to engage partners to help develop and build a set of sustainable, evolvable, multi-use space capabilities that will enable human pioneers to go to deep space destinations.
Michael Gazarik, associate administrator for Space Technology at NASA Headquarters in Washington, said the agency is moving forward and getting ready for Mars as part of NASA's Evolvable Mars campaign.
Transforming SME manufacturing plants into evolvable systems through agents, in: Digital Ecosystems and Technologies, pp.
Holonic Rationale and Self-organization on Design of Complex Evolvable Systems.
This created a unique situation at CUT within the South African higher educational system in that: (1) A course in mechanical engineering, which is unique within the South African context, (2) a highly specialized facility became available to the university, but also to the South African manufacturing industry, (3) a moderately successful generator of third stream income was created, (4) an opportunity was created for the development of a multi-disciplinary research activity in evolvable manufacturing systems, and (5) enhancement of the academic status of the university.
Other subjects covered include secure evolvable hardware for public-key cryptosystems, and high performance for cryptographic hash cores implemented in hardware.
These evolvable space systems would revolutionize NASA's space exploration," says Moustafa Chahine, chief scientist for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, Calif.
It is possible to create evolvable institutions that, while they are not as simple or politically neutral as traditional markets, capture much relevant information about knowledge and values.