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a person who believes in organic evolution

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A strongly impressionistic portrait of an undeservedly little-known scientist, The Evolutionist is a raptly compelling read.
As a religious evolutionist, Teilhard erroneously claimed that everything is "becoming" and evolving, including God.
The evolutionist will tell you that this is because humankind had a hard time of it in the forest, what with poisonous snakes, insects and a panther or leopard waiting to disembowel you if you fell off your branch.
More than a third were unaware that revolutionary scientist and evolutionist Charles Darwin was English.
The late nineteenth century theory of 'primitive society' was rooted in the developmental or evolutionist hypothesis that all societies passed through the same definable stages on a long passage from a primitive to a civilised state.
According to Ole Seehausen, a fish ecologist and evolutionist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology in DE-bendorf, the study is "remarkable".
Evolutionist biologist Richard Dawkins gives a running commentary as he dissects the huge animal, and reveals why elephants need vast intestines, huge teeth and jaw muscles and how the trunk is the most versatile limb on the planet, while Richard Dawkins places elephants on the tree of life and explores how they evolved.
The hypothesis tested in this study was that teleological ethical views would correlate positively with evolutionist views.
After all, the evolutionist assumption that "nothing created something" defies common sense.
No evolutionist has claimed that natural selection is optimally efficient, but they do claim, correctly, that it can do the job on its own.
But I think he is a true evolutionist on immigration.
Evolutionist and author Lynn Margulis examines the scientific personalities she's known in the course of her profession, considers the love lives of three generations of scientists, and provide stories which would be considered scientific biographies were it not for their added ability to shed insights on interactions between scientific colleagues.
For example, if you really master the doctrine of substantial motion (al-harakat al-jawhariyyah) of Mulla Sadra, the great sixteenth century Persian Islamic philosopher, you can explain the theory of evolution without being a Darwinian evolutionist.
Why should our ideas be censured when Darwinism (the evolutionist and humanist god) is promoted and taught as fact?
Last year, Mr Green described the BNP as a 'racist, white-supremacist, paganist, volkist, anti-Christian, evolutionist and anti-semitic organisation,' adding 'We want nothing to do with the BNP.