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Evoke is an ergonomically designed, patent-pending, "smart" portable vaporizer that is a first-of-its-kind in the industry.
The posters' antique Modernism may have been intended to evoke positive memories of a stalwart and determined Churchillian Britain.
If you have managed to absorb these capriciously drawn psychological language Rorschachs (feel free to edit and personalize them according to your own individualized takes), you can recognize that any scene or situation you might wish to describe has a separate identity that depends upon, and is constrained by, the language you use to evoke it.
Stone speaks of its distant geological origins, its durability and inherent symbolism of permanence; brick makes one think of earth and fire, gravity and the ageless traditions of construction; bronze evokes the extreme heat of its manufacture, the ancient processes of casting and the passage of time as measured in its patina.
These stanzas, which end Hilda Vest's poem "Lyrics I," are from her second collection of poems, Sorrow's End, and evoke the spirit of this slim volume.
The fine color gradations that enliven the apparent chromatic uniformity of Adriana Varejao's Ruina de charque-Portugal (Jerked-beef ruin--Portugal; all works 2001), or the delicate mesh that furrows its surface, might seem to evoke the traditions of Minimalist or monochrome painting.
To English literary sensibilities the entrance evokes the inverse of the unassuming door that in the books of Lewis Carroll, C.
And Thomas' Hombre is a font with a lot of character that evokes the American Wild West.
It is an element that fills the memory of the body and, in the set of superimposed, fragmented images that the artist uses in her works, evokes new and powerful meanings.
in a way that evokes the infinite and perhaps threatening potential of casting.
The new symbol now also evokes SureFire's transaction processing solution, FirePay.
But though the work's meaning originates in the specific politics of Colombia, the sorrow and loss it evokes are recognizable across all borders.
Princeton" evokes neo-Gothic granite solidity set amid azaleas and sloping lawns, "Ashland" the stately colonnade of a Southern plantation.
Chardonnay, for example, has an amber yellow color bar which evokes tropical flavors and crisp apple, peach and pear notes associated with the wine.