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At Ideas That Evoke, we're incredibly passionate about leveraging the power of social and digital mediums to solve business challenges," said Kelly Ehlers, Founder and CEO.
Evoke exudes an exquisite setting of a warm, yet chic, new-age steakhouse perfect for Charlotteans seeking to experience the vibrant city life of Uptown for date night out, the nearby resident looking for a unique culinary experience or one of Le Meridien's guests looking for a delectable meal right outside their guest room door.
Its dated look thus evokes a graphic language not of wartime but of the mid-century idea of the benevolent power.
If you have managed to absorb these capriciously drawn psychological language Rorschachs (feel free to edit and personalize them according to your own individualized takes), you can recognize that any scene or situation you might wish to describe has a separate identity that depends upon, and is constrained by, the language you use to evoke it.
Before Evoke software was available, data analysts had to manually construct an understanding of existing databases and data sources, often relying on misunderstood or out-dated metadata.
Evoke Software is a provider of Data Profiling software for Global 2000 enterprises.
Evoke Software's COO, Rick Cortese has announced that a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers' survey corroborated Evoke Software's own observations and experience with prospects and customers -- that data management issues are becoming major obstacles for applications such as SAP, i2, PeopleSoft and others.
To evoke a sense of peace, balance and harmony with nature in the store's interior, we used soothing and warm colors, contrast as well as textured natural but luxurious materials," explains Bernhart Rumphorst, principal designer/planner at Horst Design International.
Rather than place the Casanova character at the heart of his ballet, Preljocaj chose to evoke the corporeal world in which he lived, guided as he was by desire and by his love for the opposite sex.
Nasdaq:LNUX), a leader in Linux and Open Source solutions, has announced that Evoke (formerly Vstream), an Internet communication service provider, has installed hundreds of VA Linux Systems' FullOn 2U rackmount servers to power its Internet infrastructure.
These stanzas, which end Hilda Vest's poem "Lyrics I," are from her second collection of poems, Sorrow's End, and evoke the spirit of this slim volume.
Motorola Evoke QA4 is designed for users to easily and seamlessly interact with friends and family through their wireless device.
Evoke is an ergonomically designed, patent-pending, "smart" portable vaporizer that is a first-of-its-kind in the industry.
net, they awarded the redesign project to Miami web design and SEO company Evoke Design Inc.