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oh, somewhere, already meshed in lattices of evocative imagery.
Jonathan Sultan, of Canon Consumer Imaging Ireland, which carried out the survey, said: "2008 has been an unforgettable year and high quality and evocative imagery has captured these events for all posterity.
The evocative imagery, commissioned by environmental group Friends of the Earth, is part of its Big Ask campaign.
In their different ways, Djukic and under19 winner Joanna Hubbard show unerring control of language, one in narrative, the other through evocative imagery.
This latter allows the potentially controversial problem of modus to be avoi ded, even if the evocative imagery and diction - "bath'd," "bloud," "drunk," "supple" - complicate such doctrinal evasion.
Zigrail's stereotypically angst-ridden protagonist doesn't live up to the film's evocative imagery and bold juxtapositions.
Lyricist-singer David Vander Zanden has some real issues with the state of Indian gambling, family farming and the plight of veterans, not to mention the burdens of being in an ornery/independent, country-tinged rant band that, though inspired by the authenticity of the locale (check out the evocative imagery of small-town limits and desires in the closing cut, ``Dollar Store Girls''), probably isn't based in the best part of the republic to find an appreciative audience.
The maps are designed to convey the taste, smell and flavour of each Malt through evocative imagery.
It explains how to set up an effective digital workflow and, perhaps most importantly, how to focus on creating truly evocative imagery.
Displayed together for the first time, these works provide remarkable insight into Wyeth's creative approach and evocative imagery.
The evocative imagery inspired us to delve deeper into the lives of the brothers and wonder how best to publicise, celebrate and re-create their early flights.