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Josh Gallacher, Mark Riding, Rob Sedgwick, Ryan Sullivan and Chris Young have travelled around the region to capture the evocative imagery of the steel industry's demise.
The murals are rich in evocative imagery and represent a stunning exposition of republican and loyalist values.
Winner, a convert from Judaism who is now an Episcopal priest, walks comfortably through both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament in her hunt for evocative imagery Her discussions and descriptions are elaborated with quotes and commentary from saints, rabbis, theologians and contemporary writers.
Caddo: Visions of a Southern Cypress Lake can be used as either a coffee-table addition or as a natural history treatise; but its strength lies in the latter, pairing evocative imagery with impressions of the region to accompany the lovely visuals.
In her intelligent reading of this stanza and the evocative imagery of the surrounding lines, Szobel remarks that "if we take these lines to be about Tel Aviv" the lyric "becomes a love poem to the .
It may well be strong on evocative imagery and a vibrant sense of danger and moodiness but Ryan Gosling's much-hyped directorial debut turns out to be an over-cooked affair that lacks a much needed wit and humour to go alongside its self-aware art intentions," added Mark Adams of (http://m.
Under Milk Wood is the first collaboration between BBC Cymru Wales and the National Theatre of Wales and woven into the dialogue will be evocative imagery created in Laugharne as part of NTW's live performance, Raw Material: Llareggub Revisited, which will take place during the May Bank Holiday weekend.
Romer's skill as a wordsmith able to create evocative imagery that enthralls and shocks is undeniable.
The meat department -- with a butcher shop, service counter and smokehouse -- draws on the evocative imagery of an old-fashioned butcher's counter.
Illustrated with evocative imagery of the river, Tyne is accompanied by live songs and music inspired by the river compiled by the show's musical director, Kathryn Tickell.
The cover sparkles and glitters with evocative imagery of an exotic and mysterious bracelet that holds secrets.
Since her breakthrough album My Remembrance Of You in 2006, singer-songwriter Jones has earned respect in Americana folk circles for simple, soulful and evocative imagery.
Vermeersch revels in tune-titles that combine evocative imagery with poetic expression, none more so than his Vole Sperm Reverie.
Although Christian and Jewish exegetes insisted on attributing allegorical meaning to the rich evocative imagery, a "plain reading" of the Hebrew text unencumbered by the layers of interpretation exposes the world-embracing, compassionate engine of metaphor that forms the medium of the Shulamith's instructions to her lover.
Although there is the wonder over Hunt's skillful manipulations of gorgeously antic sentence structures (single sentences at times entire chapters), ache and suffering sustain this narrative, a wounding that moves us beyond Hunt's evocative imagery and voluptuous prose and reminds us that the grief of a parent is a special calamity that shivers, that wounds, that resists the fetching simplistics of closure.