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Synonyms for evitable

capable of being avoided or warded off

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Parmi les membres de l'OCDE (Organisation de cooperation et de developpement economiques), le Canada se classait 21e sur 29 quant au bien-etre des enfants (une categorie qui incluait la sante mentale), 22e quant aux blessures et deces infantiles evitables, et 27e quant a l'obesite infantile.
It has been told that in the next budget, police and other law enforcement agencies officials will be accommodated urging it is evitable to increase the budget of the police.
Dans une analogie puissante au Titanic et a l'iceberg, Anthony Zietman a fait remarquer recemment que lorsque la collision imprevisible et pourtant evitable est survenue, c'est l'orgueil demesure de la technologie qui s'est avere le pire.
It was in - evitable that Rovers would score again, though, and it was Santa Cruz - voted club player of the year - who claimed his second goal of the game in the 77th minute.
With the quality of clubs in the competition it is in evitable that showpiece matches will occur - and that's just what the Reds can look forward to with the arrival of the current champions.
So, when the wind picked up to "raging hooley" force on Friday night last week, I knew a trip to Formby Point the next morning was in evitable.
A pesar de ser evitable, el aborto inseguro sigue siendo una de las causas mayores de la morbi-mortalidad materna en muchas partes del mundo en desarrollo.
In Roy Howle's article in the same issue, "An Evitable War: Engaged Containment and the US-China Balance," he observes that "America's weakness lies not in her capabilities but with her national will.
Malgre le fait que le glaucome soit la deuxieme principale cause de cecite evitable dans le monde, peu de personnes sont informees sur cette maladie.
Et pour avoir epargne a son peuple une guerre civile qui, au debut des annees 1990, paraissait difficilement evitable.
Dans cet article, nous montrons que les plans de stimulation economique manquent de prevoyance s'ils tolerent la vulnerabilite evitable des enfants.
He further said that for their welfare, it is evitable for Baloch to unit, adding only then Baloch would have the ultimate authority of their resources and land in their own hands.
With definite interest from two Premier League clubs and one Belgian side, a transfer seems in - evitable.
Following on, Hereford face evitable defeat on 250 for seven, skipper Chris Boroughs unbeaten on 80.
Cette journee vise a sauver chaque annee des millions de personnes d'une mort evitable, en sensibilisant le public et en incitant tous les gouvernements a se mobiliser pour lutter contre la maladie.