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Synonyms for evisceration

surgical removal of an organ (or the contents of an organ) from a patient

the act of removing the bowels or viscera

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altering something (as a legislative act or a statement) in such a manner as to reduce its value

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Black studies lodges its creative, radical, and potentially world-transforming projects from within the material and historical condition of evisceration, and it is in this maneuvering that it marks its concerns with everything else that is--or could be--in the world.
evisceration, enucleation, birds of prey, ocular trauma, avian, eastern screech owl, Megascops asio, great horned owl, Bubo virginianus, barred owl, Strix varia, red-tailed hawk, Buteo jamaicensis, bald eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Wade and his colleague Andrew Nelson looked through the literature to see how eviscerations really took place and also conducted CT scans and 3D reconstructions on seven mummies.
Among the remaining 274 TLH women, there was l case of evisceration and 4 cases of dehiscence with the intracorporeal continuous suture, compared with 0 cases of evisceration and 11 cases of dehiscence with the vaginal continuous locking suture (2.
The first report of vaginal evisceration was described by Hyernaux in 1864, as disruption of the anterior wall of the proximal vagina, resulting in prolapse of the abdominal contents (1).
The abattoir workers with laboratory-confirmed influenza A subtype H10 infection handled offal and giblets in a section of the abattoir where automated evisceration usually took place; however, because of the size of the birds, evisceration was manually assisted on the day that these flocks were slaughtered.
American death metal doyens Cannibal Corpse had just raised the first of many vicious pits with the opening one-two to the head of Evisceration Plague and The Time To Kill Is Now.
The new process described here uses a stream of water to entrain fish and move them rapidly through cutting and evisceration modules located in a pipe.
4 dogs (18%) underwent evisceration due to perforate corneal at the time of referring.
In "Turn" (which, I notice, was rightfully included in The Best American Poetry, 2009), Ratzlaff economically dissects a small town's evisceration of a man suspected of being gay and falsely (or not) accused of fondling boys - the "man who moved to town / but found no one would love him / for fixing the rickety house he bought.
The 49 chapters are organized into sections on upper eyelid malposition and related disorders; lower eyelid malposition and related disorders; eyelid neoplasm; orbital inflammation and infection; orbital neoplasm; trauma; evisceration, enucleation, and the anophthalmic socket; lacrimal drainage system; and cosmetic oculofacial plastic surgery.
IT IS hard to express the relief I felt reading Jim McGrath's brave, brilliant evisceration of Racing For Change (November 14) - and, indeed, Alastair Down's column on the same subject - because sometimes this year attacking Racing For Change has felt like crying in the wilderness.
I'm afraid that our own face is anything but happy about the downsize, or evisceration.
Operations includes chicken evisceration and processed food, hatchery farm, parent chicken farm, broiler farm, feed mill, processed food production and distribution and purchase-sale on raw material.
Both installations utilise Pennine's 'Ventstream' chilling systems which are used to quickly chill chicken from post evisceration temperatures to less than 4[degrees]C, using air at conditions which minimise dehydration.