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Synonyms for evisceration

surgical removal of an organ (or the contents of an organ) from a patient

the act of removing the bowels or viscera

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altering something (as a legislative act or a statement) in such a manner as to reduce its value

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Women with vaginal cuff dehiscence, stable vital signs, and no evidence of bowel evisceration can be repaired vaginally without an abdominal survey.
This present case report describes a management of evisceration of ocular contents in a non-descript goat due to horn injury.
Transvaginal evisceration is associated with both abdominal and vaginal hysterectomy.
But he's making it worse and his evisceration of Mike Williamson in public was absolutely ludicrous.
The presence of peritoneal penetration, evisceration of omentum or bowel, abdominal paracentesis positive for blood, air under the diaphragm on x-ray, and shock are not absolute indications for surgery.
Album Now That's FOR many time we get this updated collection The Pyramid is a horror-by-numbers, which uses 2013 protests as a queasy backdrop to the usual array of screams in the dark and evisceration.
Transvaginal intestinal evisceration after genital and perineal trauma: A case report and review of the literature
Wells's praxis of emergency that clarifies the necessary (and arguably, at times, inherent) positionality of black knowledge production against the systemic evisceration and elimination of black people and black worlds within the regulating parameters of civil order and peace.
Now a cadre of hand-picked historians has produced guidelines for a new Russian history textbook that omit any serious discussion of the evisceration of Russia's intelligentsia and its peasantry in the 1930s and 1940s.
While evisceration has been suggested as an alternative, it has not been described for multiple cases or with long-term follow-up data in birds of prey.
In second place were the sectors for receiving chickens (the sector where the birds are delivered to the slaughterhouse); evisceration (the sector in which the entrails of the chickens are removed), packaging (the sector in which the chickens are packaged to be sent to the consumer) and freezing (the sector in which the birds are cooled).
The team found that rich and poor alike most commonly had the transabdominal slit performed, although for the elites evisceration was sometimes performed through a slit through the anus.
6 Reports of the partial abdominal evisceration and autotransplantation to resect a tumor infiltrated the mesentery were still rare.
The full-force barrelhouse blues that fills this song out is both cathartic and catchy, and its evisceration of the daily grind - and what it can do to a body - is nothing less than savage.