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Synonyms for eviscerate



Synonyms for eviscerate

surgically remove a part of a structure or an organ

remove the contents of

remove the entrails of

take away a vital or essential part of

having been disembowelled

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Scott (Robert Wisdom) eviscerates an autobiographical story Marcus reads to the class.
On his home turf, the artist has been roundly criticized for eroding high/low boundaries; for the American viewer, however, to ask whether these paintings are cheesy or smart, cynical or generous, is to be caught in a worldview that Murakami cheerfully eviscerates.
EMA asserts that EPA's substantial changes at this late hour eviscerates the certainty, stability and lead-time inherent in a previously agreed upon joint Statement of Principles (SOP).
It eviscerates employee morale when the work backs up and the answer is to contract out, with the idea that the private sector can do a better job than we can,'' Fehner said.
He eviscerates his fellow academics for their shallow and partisan commentary during the impeachment debate.
By permeating "Based on a True Story" with both the credible and incredible, Kustera eviscerates the phrase of any real meaning.
I'm very disappointed the mayor's supporting a plan that eviscerates the Valley's representation on the board,'' Yaroslavsky said.
Who will "protect" them when they retire, years after the 1996 election, when the debt is monetized and inflation eviscerates their living standards?