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Synonyms for eviscerate



Synonyms for eviscerate

surgically remove a part of a structure or an organ

remove the contents of

remove the entrails of

take away a vital or essential part of

having been disembowelled

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Critics said the proposed constitutional amendment would essentially eviscerate the state's current constitutional provision, which calls for a strict separation of church and state.
But, as with so many studies of attempts from Above to eviscerate popular culture, doubts remain as to the long-term success of the enterprise.
A flickering thought: The tensile-seeming form could snap shut, imprisoning the unwary, much as the school uniforms eviscerate personality and Seoul Home.
It therefore aims to eviscerate common-law rights and to replace them with a legal regime that would organize transactions among individual citizens for a single public purpose, environmental protection.
ISS is wary of the Kuhns committee proposed By-Laws, which attempt to eviscerate DBC's directors, making it difficult for the directors to take actions that may be necessary to restore shareholder value.
eviscerate nearshore sport fishing along California's coast, bankrupt those whose livelihood depends upon the recreational fishery, and unnecessarily and unfairly limit access to a public resource.
At the same time, Ron Unz, author of the voter-approved proposition that all but banned bilingual education, claims the rules eviscerate parents' rights to have their children taught in English.
Greenwood and Stowe do fine, nuanced work, though Stowe in future interviews might want to likewise eviscerate the people who did her makeup - they've made her wan and simpering.
It eviscerates the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments.
The absurdly dynamic sound of this Leeds quintet eviscerates a storeroom of prior influences that leap from the squawking improv of John Zorn to briefly calming Buddhist chant, then from Weather Report electric piano fusion to frenetic Frank Zappa collage carnage.
For example, take her heartbreaking "To The Oklahoma Lawmakers: A Poem," which eviscerates the hubris of politicians writing legislation to require women to receive an ultrasound and listen to the baby's heartbeat before an abortion.
Close, who plays Patty Hewes, an attorney who delights in taking down powerful opponents and eviscerates anyone who gets in her way, revealed in an interview that the character was scary.
He eviscerates a callow Dana Milbank of The Washingrton Post, who set out to do a hit piece on Nader and couldn't be bothered to stick around to watch him campaign.
This unprecedented expansion of the federal surveillance of attorney conduct eviscerates state law in the area of corporate governance.
He viciously murders and eviscerates women and at each crime scene leaves a note just for Eve signed by "Jack.