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With Evincible Privacy, individuals, businesses, and agencies can rest comfortably with the knowledge that the information exchanged in their online transactions is protected by the highest standards of confidentiality.
Evincible was founded with a single purpose in mind: to strengthen and protect e-business.
Contact: Phil Dangio of Evincible LLC, +1-703-378-7500, ext.
The Evincible Secure Forms Solution allows the data that is typed into an electronic form to be validated, processed, approved and integrated with back-office systems.
CoreStreet, a leading provider of validation solutions for identity management and access control, and Evincible, the leading provider of policy-based Web security solutions and Secure Forms Technology, today announced the compatibility of their solutions.
The XKMS-compliant Evincible Ink makes the process easier for businesses by enabling them to establish the rules of a transaction through an easy-to-use graphical interface, invoke the proper PKI services at the right time, and clearly present the rules of the transactions to the end user.
By transparently linking to a broad set of digital signature, validation and notarization services, Evincible Ink is enabling enterprises to deploy a new range of value-added applications in record time.
Evincible recently entered the VeriSign Partner Program for Developers as a Gold level partner to further develop Trusted Transaction Services leveraging VeriSign's trusted infrastructure.
Evincible Ink enables businesses to create the rules associated with the transaction through a graphic interface that displays the elements of an XML-based transaction document and the business logic to apply to each block in the form.
Baltimore UniCERT(TM) will enable Evincible and its partners to provide customers with the highest level of security necessary to complete transactions with confidence and trust.
Evincible CEO Vijay Takanti said, "As the new economy has evolved, the need for highly manageable and scalable security solutions has presented itself.
Evincible LLC was founded at the start of the new millennium with a single purpose in mind: to strengthen and protect e-business.