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having evil thoughts or intentions

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the clucking, evil-minded monsters, finding wrong in everything, seeing sin in the most innocent actions, and suggesting sin--yes, causing sin--by their diseased imaginings.
Already Tubuto, young, agile and evil-minded, with face hideously painted, was practicing the black art upon a sick infant in the fond hope of succeeding to the office and perquisites of Rabba Kega.
Having disposed of these evil-minded persons for the night, Mr.
Some evil-minded person who had seen him come upstairs with a handsome watch in his hand, perhaps.
Such incidents only widens the intellectual gap between the followers of this great religion and the rest of the world, making it difficult for Muslims living in the West to freely practice their religion It is a sad truth that we are living in a world where evil-minded people belonging to Al-Qaeda and Daesh use the name of our religion to promote their agendas and unfortunately people easily associate these criminals with Islam.
The Saudi cabinet expressing the stance as it convened its regular weekly meeting, backing the key statement which affirmed that the security of the GCC countries and societies is indivisible and that evil-minded terrorists would never achieve their subversive designs.
The Co Down-born graduate was quickly recognised as intelligent and evil-minded enough by jihadi terror bosses to be trusted with the most horrific atrocities.
Now, the same kind of evil-minded people have a great influence on the upcoming Israeli government.
He warned against the danger of such evil-minded criminals on peaceful societies, stressing the need to deter them and hold them accountable for the unforgivable sordid acts which they commit.
For such a change, which was brought about for purely technical reasons, to be falsely reported as though a play was removed from the November program in an attempt to create an impression of 'censorship' in the public is the product of an evil-minded approach," the statement added.
The treacherous act, which is alien to Bahrainis, can be perpetrated only by evil-minded people who lost their humanity, patriotism and sense of belonging and sold their souls, he said.
He denounced the treacherous act, alien to Bahrainis, saying that such a heinous crime can be perpetrated only by evil-minded people who have lost their humanity, patriotism and sense of belonging and sold their souls.
The Syrian people will certainly not allow their evil-minded enemies to decide for them," Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) and former foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi said on Sunday.
Dungeon Rampage challenges players to band together, arm themselves and defeat the evil-minded minions of a vicious tyrant in this extraordinarily action-packed game.
It is true that the journalists, searching for spectacular things, often blacken the names of politicians, consciously, intentionally and even evil-minded.