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Synonyms for evil

Synonyms for evil

bringing, predicting, or characterized by misfortune

that which is morally bad or objectionable

whatever is destructive or harmful

a cause of suffering or harm

Synonyms for evil

that which causes harm or destruction or misfortune

morally bad or wrong

having the nature of vice


Related Words

having or exerting a malignant influence

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Hugo Chavez is more a well-meaning idiot than an evil-doer, but the question is the same: will he really go for his gun?
When the kids of Centsinnati are threatened by villains like Credi-tor and the Liquidator, the Centsables leap into action, fighting evil-doers with abilities that include super speed and powers over water and wind.
When a rival army of evil-doers called Boggans attack the Leaf Men Queen Tara warrior Nod and MK stand against the onslaught.
When a rival army of evil-doers called Boggans led by Mandrake Queen Tara warrior Nod and MK stand side by side against the onslaught.
When an army of evil-doers called Boggans led by evil Mandrake (Christoph Waltz) attempts to take over the forest and destroy the Leaf Men and their benevolent leader, Queen Tara and MK fight side by side to save this magical world.
We do not yet know where these thick evil-doers were schooled in hate.
He described their acts as an 'open war on Allah,'' praying to God to purify the country of the evil-doers who seek to wreak havoc in the homeland.
Datti Ahmed, head of the Supreme Council for Shariah in Nigeria who was briefly designated a mediator between the government and Boko Haram militants last year, said in 2003 that the polio vaccines were "corrupted and tainted by evil-doers from America and their Western allies," according to the (http://news.
They added that evil-doers bent on sowing seeds of strife would get their well-deserved punishment in the hereafter if they manage now to get away with impunity for crimes perpetrated against all those victims of malicious acts.
Atrocities against citizens can be documented more easily and "we can start trials against evil-doers before (their acts are) even stopped," he said.
The web-tastic crusader, more used to cracking crime and saving citizens from evil-doers, had just donned his outfit to start his stage show when an alert went out that seven-year-old Aren had wandered off.
Evil-doers have reasons for their actions; blame is assignable, in the received view, when actions are fully intentional.
In a post that was sent on a Chinese microblog similar to Twitter just before his attack, he said he wanted "to use action to remove evil-doers for the people".
She advises the evil-doers not to hope and rejoice that the newspaper will be shut down and not to hope that they will remain alone in the media sphere and poison citizens.
Equally, none of the male evil-doers have come close to Connie James, a doublecrossing spook who looked like Miss Marple then slit a colleague's throat with a garrotte wire pulled from her bra.