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serving as or based on evidence


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Evidentially, there is no significant difference in expressed attitudes of the study populations towards organ donation over the period analysed.
He endorses a form of reliabilism according to which, in forming an evidentially justified moral belief, one manifests a reliable disposition 'to form beliefs of one kind on the basis of others in a way that tracks, at least roughly, the conditionals involved in Ethical Supervenience' (65).
Coun Lucas said: "We will talk to anyone who believes they have a way forward and will potentially do business with anyone who has evidentially based ideas and due diligence.
Rather than evidentially dispute the shadows of Industrial Age education theory, the irony of that inference should be obvious: consolidating districts that are already quite large brings them additional economies of scale that they are somehow missing.
There is nothing evidentially that links these cases at present although we would never rule it out but as with Charlene, I would also ask people to remember Paige and, again, let us know if there's anything they have been keeping to themselves about what happened to her," he said.
197) This phase of the prosecution's case had one obvious, evidentially proper purpose: to suggest that because Rivera was telling lies relating to the crime, he may have been conscious of his own guilt and trying to deflect investigators' interest onto other targets.
There have been no suspensions in relation to these inquiries and we are confident and certain that no speed enforcement action that concerns a member of the public that may in any way have been evidentially compromised has been pursued either to a driver retraining referral or formal prosecution.
Constructed in the middle of a man-made lake, the Nahargarh Lake Palace, evidentially is a recent construction though it is made to mirror the bygone era.
The first is that, while Thompson offered a theory of how history should work as a discipline, he did so by reaction to an evidentially obvious and immediate example of the problem of the imposition of a unitary structural theory on complex and differentiated societies: the Stalinist regimes of the 1950s and early 1960s.
The Court also handed down a number of decisions sustaining social and economic legislation, including a state unemployment insurance plan (by a divided 4-4 vote, with Roberts evidentially joining Hughes, Cardozo and Brandeis to uphold the plan) (48) and state fair trade laws (unanimously) (p.
Mr Mooney said: "We were not running scared of appeal or the costs of appeal, we needed to look at what we could prove evidentially and we had reached an evidential cul-de-sac.
We were very lucky that, evidentially, we were at a point where we could bring a case against these people,'' he said.
The new photographs are particularly important evidentially, because they prove that Balachandran was not killed in crossfire, or in a battle.
The first worry about E2 is this: An empirical account of certain doxastic origins may be the best-confirmed among all competitors and still fail to be evidentially compelling.
But in the end, as he sees it, Draper's argument comes down to the argument that if all else is evidentially equal, theism is improbable (p.