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serving as or based on evidence


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In 57 per cent of reports, cases were closed as undetected or with no suspect identified, and 19 per cent could not be progressed due to evidential difficulties, with the victim not supporting further action in 305 cases.
For prosecution, however, a second evidential test needed to take place at the station using a second, more precise method than the one used at the scene.
all PDRPs be aligned with the updated national framework and evidential requirements by January 2019.
2003; Singer and Kouda, 1996), evidential belief functions (Carranza, 2008; Carranza and Hale, 2002) and Bayesian network classifiers (Porwal et al.
In 1990 DeLancey was less certain about the touchstone quality of the pure Hare mirative, writing of lo in Hare that "precisely this semantic category occurs in the evidential systems of at least three other unrelated languages", namely Turkish, Tibetan, and "the Dardic languages Kalasha and Khowar" (4) (DeLancey 1990: 157).
stated that LAP, "ha[d] failed to provide any evidential basis of substance for supporting a defence to the claim for the outstanding payments and that any such attempt to defend its position must be considered to be fanciful.
Headed up by former Northumbria police officer Phil Loveday, the department at UNW chartered accountants provided evidential packages to police for two separate clients and fraud victims, Houghtonle-Spring-based recycled food packaging company Re Pet and South Tyneside conveyor belt maintainer and vulcaniser Millennium Conveyor Services (MCS).
Contextualism about Evidential Support, JESSICA BROWN
In the introduction to her article, Marja Leinonen lists all the Finno-Ugric languages that use grammatical marking to indicate an indirect evidential source of information (2000: 419-420).
They have learned the Navy are seeking "an evidential pack" from Dubai Police which would allow them to establish a presumption of death.
Part One could more accurately be titled "newly updated, extremely strong evidential arguments for the existence of some super-intelligent being.
The main evidential distinctions are made between 'firsthand' and 'non- firsthand', corresponding to direct and indirect sources of information, respectively.
However, he added, if the Syrian regime possesses evidential documents that really prove Lebanon' s involvement, let these documents be judicially questioned away from any political consideration or investment.
Detective Chief Inspector Malcolm McKinnon, of British Transport Police, said: "The introduction of the mobile CCTV vehicle will provide British Transport Police with another evidential tool to tackle problematic and criminal behaviour on the railway.
Evidential expressions explicitly encode the source of information in a speaker's proposition, or the manner in which the information was obtained.