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Synonyms for everything



  • all
  • the whole
  • the total
  • the lot
  • the sum
  • the whole lot
  • the aggregate
  • the entirety
  • each thing
  • the whole caboodle
  • the whole kit and caboodle

Synonyms for everything

an amount or quantity from which nothing is left out or held back

References in classic literature ?
No, everything is over, everything that once made my comfort, the reward of my work, and my sufferings.
I am his sister, I know his character, that faculty of forgetting everything, everything"
That is not all; then, you say, science itself will teach man (though to my mind it's a superfluous luxury) that he never has really had any caprice or will of his own, and that he himself is something of the nature of a piano-key or the stop of an organ, and that there are, besides, things called the laws of nature; so that everything he does is not done by his willing it, but is done of itself, by the laws of nature.
Of course there is no guaranteeing (this is my comment) that it will not be, for instance, frightfully dull then (for what will one have to do when everything will be calculated and tabulated), but on the other hand everything will be extraordinarily rational.
How good seemed everything at that hour, my darling
Everything that was handsome seemed ten times handsomer and less attractive in the glaring splendor; and everything that was ugly seemed ten times uglier, and everything was either handsome or ugly.