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WebJet-enhanced service is available exclusively to Everyones Internet customers at no additional cost.
Everyones Internet offers dialup Internet access in 44 states across the U.
At the helm of Everyones Internet is idea-man 32-year-old "Head Surfer" Robert Marsh, president and CEO.
An ex-college math professor, he founded a computer networking company, Alpha Networks, which is integral to Everyones Internet.
Everyones Internet offers Internet access and other value-added services to over 190,000 subscribers, as well as a full range of hosting services though its RackShack subsidiary, a state of the art carrier class data facility in Houston, Texas.
Since its inception 3 years ago, Everyones Internet has grown to service over 190,000 Internet subscribers," said Robert Marsh, CEO/President at Everyones Internet.
Everyones Internet has partnered with Dallas-based IP Communications ( www.
We're obviously pleased that early response to the Everyones Internet DSL campaign has been so positive.
During the past 18 months, Everyones Internet has built a loyal following among Internet users across Texas and beyond," says Robert Marsh, CEO of Everyones Internet Inc.
Everyones Internet's primary competitor is Southwestern Bell (NYSE:DSW).
Merger is one of a limited number of financial media relations firms that specializes in working with hi-tech and Internet-related companies, which made them the natural choice of Everyones Internet.
We look forward to working with Everyones Internet," states David Drake, executive vice president of Merger Communications.
These numbers were the result of a coordinated and ongoing push to reach profitability as quickly as possible," stated Robert Marsh CEO of Everyones Internet Inc.
Everyones Internet reports on an August 31st fiscal year basis.