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ordinariness as a consequence of being frequent and commonplace

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Some of the themes addressed include being-in-the-world, everydayness and the "One," death and authenticity, and technology.
The uniqueness of Chan's paintings lie in the strange everydayness of her style and subject matter and the way in which that everydayness engages visual constructions of race and class in California's 1930s Chinese American community Bo Kay Chart Golfing, Thomas Kwan Watching resembles images of golf outings that frequently appeared in period American newspapers and magazines such as McLure's and Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly.
At the time, the young critic believed that Lynch was "a new cinematic messiah", blessed with a challenging and quirky vision of existence: "He seemed like a kinky phenomenologist, as appalled at the everydayness of reality as Heidegger, tuned to having been thrown into the world, clueless as to the source of our angst yet intrigued by the mystery of things, what appearances promise and hide.
This everydayness stands in contrast with the modern that, according to Henri Lefebvre, 'stands for what is novel, brilliant, paradoxical .
There is a certain degree of everydayness involved in his actions; he has done all of this before, countless times, and he is acting accordingly.
Ezequiel Martinez Estrada wrote of the milonga revival in his Radiografia de la Pampa (Buenos Aires, 1933) that tango's "best quality, like marriages, is in its everydayness, in its calm ordinariness.
There is both an intensity and an everydayness to faith presented as it is in Jones's book.
The most extreme engagement with everydayness was that of the Situationist International.
The way of abiding with the joys and struggles of everydayness is the choosing of meaning in situations at reflective and prereflective realms of the universe.
But it's also very shielded, and one has to try to understand the everydayness of it - - the foundational step in the process of abortion and fetal harvesting.
Modes of taking care belong to the everydayness of being-in-the-world, modes which let the being taken care of be encountered in such a way that the worldly quality of innerworldly beings appears.
Instead, the everydayness of the world first distracts, then traps us.
Writing is the boat's destination, as it is the body's, the boat itself as "folded" in clay a figure for that everydayness writing might somehow transform.
7) Henri Lefebvre, "The Everyday and Everydayness," Yale French Studies, 73, Special Issue: Everyday Life (1987), 9.