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Every so often an opportunity comes often an opportunity comes along to do something exciting along to do something exciting and out of character.
Every so often it would attempt to rear up out of the water and all the spectators received a good soaking.
I suggest that she gives some consideration to a wheelchair bound patient that I know of who travels with a member of her family by bus from Pwllheli to Gwynedd hospital every so often.
EVERY so often, somebody somewhere raises the question and makes an issue of why there are so few black managers and coaches in English football.
Every so often you see a pup that really sets the pulse racing and this fellow fills that bill.
But every so often one lives up to their word and Hancock was delighted that Bolton's Amir Khan (pictured) has delivered with his Commonwealth lightweight title fight at the NIA tomorrow.
ROASTING tins should be cleaned every so often by soaking for an hour or so in a solution of biological washing powder and warm water.
Nestled at the bottom of the ocean off the south-east Asian island of Borneo, three black-tip reef sharks are pictured herding small fish into the shallows; every so often striking out in an attempt to feed.
Filmmakers in every land have tackled religious themes, but Hollywood's intersection with the Book yields a particularly rich trove of risible over-acting, melodrama, special effects and every so often, genuine beauty.
Getting out of the car every so often and walking around would help reduce the risks.
Living in New York, I almost never drive, but every so often I rent a car for an out-of-town trip.
Every so often he will say something that just about justifies the hero-worship.
Every so often they line up to pray, suggesting the religious cults that bedevil today's world.
Every so often, as in 1957 and 1968, a flu virus takes a sharp genetic turn, catching even healthy immune systems off guard and causing widespread infection and death.
But every so often you run across a well-researched, well-written book that for some reason doesn't quite click.