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Synonyms for nook

Synonyms for nook

a sheltered and secluded place

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an interior angle formed by two meeting walls

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Ace whistles, and a veritable zoo of creatures emerges from every nook and cranny of the apartment: out of the toilet, out of the closets, the vases, you name it; dozens of animals of different species, birds, monkeys, rodents, amphibians, as well as cats and dogs, all trained to hide from the landlord and come out on cue.
She gives the viewer the opportunity to study every nook and cranny of these charismatic subjects which range from the dramatic to, in the case of John Cleese, the madcap.
When heated, this nonabrasive compound expands and foams to reach into and clean out every nook and cranny.
The EC is grinding out directives, the broadcast directive, the satellite directive, the rental rights directive, all of which regulate every nook and cranny of the audio-visual landscape from movies to TV programs, to pre-recorded videocassettes.
Because we had been in the building for 20 years, we thought we knew every nook and cranny of the St.
We expect that the developer community will really open the world's eyes to how voice can be integrated into every nook and cranny of the Internet.
KARACHI -- Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif Monday said that the government had no option but to win the war against terrorism and scourge would be eliminated from every nook and cranny of the country.
IT BEGAN two years ago as a celebration of the arts talent that seems to ooze out of every nook and cranny of the Holme Valley.
The powdery Iraqi sand gets into every nook and cranny.
Opeth's heady mix of death/prog deserved to be heard by a wider audience and the crowd was entranced as the Swede's ethereal music filled every nook and cranny of the Academy.
There are only a few local councillors for every ward and unfortunately we are unable to get into every nook and cranny each month.
CHILDREN and adults will be rummaging around every nook and cranny in a Nuneaton park next week in the hunt for sweet rewards.
Mauss and Hughes exploit every nook and cranny of the gallery space; the windowsill supports the lines of fluorescent powdered pigment of Rough Nights, while Bulbs, a group of rounded forms of colored paper, hugs the ceiling like an exotic fungus.
Children from Percy Main Primary School will join hundreds of residents armed with mops and brooms as they scour every nook and cranny in their neighbourhood.
We meet Paul Evans and his wife, Jane, at their home in Forge, near Machynlleth, and architect Meredudd ab Iestyn will be showing us every nook and cranny of his uniquely contemporary home in Caernarfon.