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(used as intensive) every

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Every Last Child, produced by Image Nation Abu Dhabi and directed by the award-winning filmmaker Tom Roberts, tells the dramatic story of five people impacted by polio in Pakistan.
Every Last Child, directed by award-winning filmmaker Tom Roberts, follows the harrowing stories of five people -- including vaccinators, parents and health care workers -- who are caught up in the current polio crisis in Pakistan.
David Pim: extracted every last bid for every horse
As people had then removed every last mattress, a young soldier sat watching from his tank, chewing gum.
I had to respond to commands such as: 'OK Maureen, now could you give us 15 seconds of having every last drop of energy sucked out of you?
Circuit Court of Appeals threw out every last mail-in ballot in the 1997 Miami fraud case, arguing that absentee voting was a "privilege," not a right.
The Education Department wasn't exactly counting every last dime either.
Before she issues such profound statements as she would, 'kill every last pigeon', she needs to be sure of her facts.
Astonishing in its close scrutiny of every last engraving upon vintage weapons, U.
In conclusion, this is as an excellent example of the way in which scholars can squeeze every last drop of analysis from what might appear to be a limited and unrepresentative source.
The article states that "piles of cubes can occupy every last niche of a space.
We also need a change in attitude from the council who seem ready to sell every last bit of green space to developers, while the streets we've already got are littered and sometimes run down.
It seems more and more retirees are finding the prospect of spending every last second of their golden years with her or him indoors just too much to contemplate.
And they'll need every last penny after yesterday's humiliation against the champions.
They are caught in a squeeze between corporations bent on extracting every Last ounce of productivity from U.