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to the same degree (often followed by 'as')


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Let the breakfast wait, sweep up every bit of it, and then throw the damned lot overboard
But them roses as has climbed all over it will near hide every bit o' th' dead wood when they're full o' leaves an' flowers.
Ne'er heed me, Seth," said Wiry Ben, "y' are a down-right good- hearted chap, panels or no panels; an' ye donna set up your bristles at every bit o' fun, like some o' your kin, as is mayhap cliverer.
What will you give me if I'll tell you every bit about it?
Now for number three: you unwound every bit of the worsted while I wasn't looking!
Speaking in Downing Street after chairing a meeting of the Cobra emergency committee, she said: "This morning, our country woke to news of another terrorist attack on the streets of our capital city: the second this month and every bit as sickening as those which have come before.
The Duchess wrote: "The mental health of our children must be seen as every bit as important as their physical health.
Loved every bit of my incredible journey and you are all with me in this.
Every bit as stylish as their creator, the vertiginous heels are guaranteed to turn heads while the bags are super-chic.
After listening to those young men for seven weeks, I can assure you sir, their traumas are every bit as real as ours, their wounds are as deep as ours, and their PTSD is every bit as genuine as ours.
The Irish, Welsh, Scottish and Italian teams who contest the league are all performing well in Europe and Leamy believes the standard is every bit as good as the Premiership in England, which he says is overhyped by Sky.
No less futuristic and every bit as space age, it will form the hub for hundreds of journalists and broadcasters from right across the globe this weekend as they battle to beat each other to the exclusive story and the inside track on what's really going on at the Ryder Cup.
Summary: Paris Hilton looked every bit the blond bombshell at the launch of her new fragrance - Tease.
The successor organisations to the KGB are every bit as active as their predecessor," she told The Sunday Telegraph.
And she told how the girls are every bit as talented as the boys.