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Synonyms for Evert

United States tennis player who won women's singles titles in the United States and at Wimbledon (born in 1954)

turn inside out

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The analyses of the kinematic data at HS in the frontal plane during participants' comfortable normal walking speed and running (7 km/h) demonstrated that the magnitude of the eversion in the CAI group (-5.
At the 24-week follow-up, reduced ankle eversion during HS and MS after completion of the neuromuscular training was almost restored back to the former levels.
1999) Eversion strength analysis of uninjured and functionally unstable ankles.
1998) Ankle sensorimotor control and eversion strength after acute ankle inversion injuries.
The optimal sphere eversion, or optiverse, is now the star of a vivid, computer-generated video, titled The Optiverse, produced by Sullivan and his Illinois colleagues George K.
The sphere eversion problem is perenially intriguing," says Anthony V.
That uncertainty vanished when Stephen Smale, now at the University of California, Berkeley, proved a theorem in the field of differential topology demonstrating the feasibility of a sphere eversion.
The extraordinary difficulty of visualizing the details of a sphere eversion made it a tremendous challenge to mathematicians and inspired some of the first applications of computer graphics to mathematics.
Finally, the corrugations disappear, and the eversion is complete.
The trick is performing the entire eversion without letting a crease enter the picture.
Now French mathematician Bernard Morin of the Universite Louis-Pasteur in Strasbourg has found the simplest possible route for a sphere eversion.
In fact, his proof laid out a step-by-step path for accomplishing a sphere eversion, but in such a complicated argument that no one could visualize his procedure.