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Synonyms for eversion

the position of being turned outward

the act of turning inside out

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The anterior drawer test should be performed in plantar flexion and dorsiflexion to evaluate the competency of the anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) and calcaneofibular ligament (CFL) respectively, along with inversion and eversion stress testing.
Knee flexion and extension, ankle inversion, eversion, and dorsiflexion and torso rotation were significantly lower in female Soldiers.
For each muscle on which we applied Kinesio Taping[R], we found and marked the origin and insertion point; later, the distance between these points, was measured putting the muscle in maximum elongation (plantar flexion for TA, eversion for TP, inversion for PL).
001 (Figure 2; Supplementary Figures S4, S5, and S6: See eversion for supplement.
by using wedge of 10 degree, investigated the effect of calcaneus increased eversion in three experiments of: without wedge, with one wedge at right foot and wedge on both feet, by using motion analyzer considered the pelvic movement in sagittal and frontal discs.
In contrast, the control group only showed a trend towards improvement for eversion (EV) and plantarflexion positions (PF5 and PF10).
However, not only the amount of foot eversion, but also the way in which this eversion is transferred into tibial internal rotation may be crucial to the overloading stress on the knee (3).
Lovecraftian yet cute platformer Eversion (Windows/Mac/Steam)
On the one hand, there are entries for narrative elements from the novels (Panther Moderns, the Aleph, zaibatsu) or concepts relevant for his fiction (apophenia, eversion, desiring machine).
The prosthesis also allowed for inversion and eversion through the use of an articulated ankle: a polished ivory ball in a socket of vulcanised rubber.
ouvre la porte a l'entiere ruine & eversion de toutes polices & societez humaines instituees de Dieu[.
They suggested that surgery should be adapted to the structure of endometrioma by adhesiolysis with opening and eversion of the cyst and followed by ablation of the superficial endometriotic tissue lining the cortex and excision of the implants at site of the adherent parametrium or ligaments.
This slight expansion of the skin of the lobe rim, combined with the eversion of the wound edges on the tip of the lobe produced by the use of the mattress sutures, has prevented notching in our cases.
The natural history and prognosis of prenatal CCAMs depend on the size of the malformation, the degree of pulmonary hypoplasia, and the exertion of mass effect manifested by mediastinal shift, cardiac compression, eversion of the hemidiaphragm, and presence of fetal hydrops.
Along with Oliver's existing publishing, the new deal for The Hueys includes a four-book deal for world rights, which include TV, merchandising, licensing, film, eBook, eVersion and digital, from Paul Moreton at The Bell Lomax Moreton Agency.