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Synonyms for eversion

the position of being turned outward

the act of turning inside out

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The female genitalia have an enlarged dorso basal area of the eversible membrane that receives the enlarged lateral surstylus of the male.
The female raises her ovipositor and everts her aculeus from the eversible membrane and the male grasps it with his genitalic surstyli.
35); base of eversible membrane with short but conspicuous ventromedial lobe and two very short lateroventral lobes (rudimentary ventral taeniae) (Fig.
No trace of sclerotized lobes at base of eversible membrane.
Because the beak joint of cephalopods represents the only muscle articulation examined thus far, the goal of this study is to begin to identify the general principles of support and movement in these joints by examining an example from another organism, a predatory schizorhynch kalyptorhynch flatworm with two beaklike hooks mounted on an anterior, eversible, and muscular proboscis.
Kalyptorhynchs possess an additional specialization: an anterior eversible proboscis that is separate from the midventral pharynx (Karling, 1947, 1949, 1950, 1961; Beauchamp, 1961; Schilke, 1970; Doe, 1976).
The larvae elicit tending behavior from ants through chemical communication originating from a pair of eversible tentacles and, perhaps, other specialized epidermal glands (Pierce et al.
sigillata by the strongly developed eversible sac (weakly developed in C.
annae described by Babenko (1994), but is distinguished by the darker body colour, the presence of eversible sac and having 7 dorsal sensilla setae on Ant.
Mechanically, they are pressurized capsules with an attached eversible tubule that is inverted inside the capsule before firing.
Cnidae are the eversible secretory products of specialized cells called cnidocytes.