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the property of lasting forever

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Everlastingness is a conservation of the existential accident (human form) and not the spiritual essence, as in the case of spiritual immortality.
Tunisia has endeavoured to mobilize and preserve water resources through setting up a network of water works and adapted equipment with the aim of securing their everlastingness and thus meeting the water needs of future generations.
recapitulated in the apparent everlastingness of dust
I shall maintain that this brief passage gives what might be called a "cosmological argument" for the everlastingness of the soul, a kind of argument which has analogues in other dialogues.
As Christianity and its distinct teleology gained hold in the Italian peninsula, however, notions of temporality soon changed to signify everlastingness from a point in time onward (Le Goff 29-52).
Tango with Cows" is a productive example of the role that exhibitions can play in our new era of digital humanities, offering an interesting twist on the Russian artist El Lissitzky's avant la lettre demand for the superseding of print media by electronic delivery systems: "The printed sheet, the everlastingness of the book, must be transcended.
10) Arendt (1958) nos dice lo siguiente: "Without a world into which men ate born and from which they die, there would be nothing but changeless eternal recurrence, the deathless everlastingness of the humanas of all other animal species" (p.
Compared to Wright's fantasy of the godlike everlastingness of Orpheus's song, it has spine; it's refreshingly severe.
Hays claimed in 1993 that "Hemingway's comment about 'the earth abiding forever' notwithstanding, [Ecclesiastes 1:4-7] has less direct significance for the novel than such titles as A Farewell to Arms, For Whom the Bell Tolls, or The Old Man and the Sea for the novels they head" ("Catullus" 17); Jeffrey Hart likewise downplayed the importance of the novel's title and epigraph in 1997: "The quotation from Ecclesiastes is about the everlastingness of the earth, which, Hemingway said, is the subject of the novel.
so intensely experienced that it seems as if its transience gives way to everlastingness, as if time stands still and becomes eternity").
When we took what we call 'land' we took what to them meant hearth, home, the source and locus of life, and everlastingness of spirit.
The Greek Eros, the search for universal meaning found in everlastingness, helps regulate all the passions, including the political.
The garden of transcendence Sprouts with buds of immanence Its firm branches are the Prophets While sages and saints are its visible flowers A flower of such exquisite color Is the Arab Prophet of Medina He's the embroidery on the cloth of eternity The gilt pin on the turban of everlastingness None is like him None can even come close None can be equated to him None can compete or compare He is the full moon at its height The fruit of the palm tree of both worlds The pearl of the ocean of unity The fount of the spring of multiplicity (32)