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In the Bible it says that if you believe in God and Jesus Christ you will have an everlasting life.
The Catholic church feels that it has an everlasting life like Jesus.
The round shape is said to represent the circle of life, and the evergreen foliage shows everlasting life.
who live to please the Spirit will harvest everlasting life (v.
Christmas red (berries) and evergreens are symbols of Christ's blood and everlasting life.
For a large corporation, the key concept could center on having an everlasting life.
The United States Army drafted him and he proudly served four years spending time in Germany while gaining everlasting life skills and friendships.
The understandings contained within this book will not only repair that breach, but it will also prepare the world for the truth of the mission of Michael when he will will stand up and deliver the children of the people to everlasting life in the End Times beginning this year.
You fell martyr only to be showered with the blessings of God who chose you to have short existence in a corruptive world and to live a long, everlasting life in the other world of truth and divinity," said Aswad.
Sabir Badr Jaffery said that Iqbal's message of Khudi was meant to understand one to ownself (Irfan-i-Za'at) and based on "La illaha illah", Iqbal advised to Muslim (Mard-i-Momin) to live a harden life, like an eagle who lived in mountain, maintain strong character and make constant efforts and give up the luxurious life in order to achieve the everlasting life (Hayat-i- Javedan).
Lastly, Jesus Christ came to this earth: God in human form to pay for the sins of the world through His death on the cross with His blood, and rose on the 3rd day defeating death so that everlasting life is available to those who turn to Him and believe.
During the evening of that day, the Church solemnly celebrated the greatest event of world history, the Resurrection of Jesus the Messiah What better day to join the Lord for everlasting Life.
So we too will be accepted in everlasting life by our life and works.