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a plant having foliage that persists and remains green throughout the year

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Plants were evaluated into the two groups such as the areas consisting of deciduous and evergreen plants on the photographs.
Bradshaw took possession of his 2011 eco-friendly, all-composite Ever-Lite(TM) fifth wheel at the EverGreen plant in Middlebury, Indiana.
What I is a climbing evergreen plant with shiny leaves?
A very architectural, slow-growing evergreen plant with a palm-like appearance.
An evergreen plant is defined by the American Heritage Dictionary as, "a tree, shrub, or plant having foliage that persists and remains green throughout the year.
99 Offer 4: White Hellebore Hellebore niger, lovely spring flowering hardy evergreen plant.
Yerba Mate, an evergreen plant that grows in the shade of the rainforests in South America, is a unique ingredient found in all Save Your World(TM) products.
As an evergreen plant it gives all-year-round cover and can be planted as a bush or climber.
The Evergreen Environmental Group consisted of four operating subsidiaries: the Evergreen Plant Inc.
The worst culprits are thin plastic pots, which allow the roots to freeze, stopping the uptake of water to what is an evergreen plant.
Rosemary can get big and look a bit scrappy, but it has beautiful mauve flowers and makes a perfect evergreen plant in the garden.
CUTLINE: A steady stream of cars left the Solar Evergreen plant one day in January, after the company announced it was shutting down operations.
6) PYRACANTHA A spiny evergreen plant with creamy white flowers and red/orange or yellow berries.
MY neighbour has a tall evergreen plant with deep blue flowers.
Guesstimates they may be, but with a little bit of extrapolation from the data, the evergreen plant at Fortingall could be over 8,000 years old, making it the oldest tree in the world.
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