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evergreen oak of southern Europe having leaves somewhat resembling those of holly

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On coastal foothill woodlands, Longhurst (1956) found that evergreen oaks sprouted better than deciduous oaks, and that there was a tendency for sprouting to decline with age for deciduous species.
People with an average or slightly above-average yard, from 900 to 1,200 square feet, might consider planting an evergreen oak.
Dominants are cabbage palmetto, one or more species of evergreen oak and
limit of continuous evergreen oak forest may be Buxton Woods, at Cape
sclerophyllous evergreen oak woodland (30% tree cover, 10-12 m tall) on
California Peninsula in Mexico, there is a belt of evergreen oak forest
In scrublands, the trees (or "overstory") are often sand pines, scrub hickory and evergreen oaks.
Another way to distinguish the oaks is if they are live or evergreen oaks or deciduous oaks.
It is likely that evergreen oaks and junipers began to replace deciduous forest in the Edwards Plateau uplands no earlier than about 10,000 years ago, because the climate was not sufficiently warm and dry earlier, and the substitution process is incomplete.
There are deciduous and evergreen oaks for every climate and many have life spans that reach hundreds of years.
It is a small evergreen oak, growing to 30 feet tall with simple, wavy leaves shaped like those of a macadamia nut tree.
Rather than create a continuous vineyard, some 50 separate parcels have been formed, covering an area of approximately 50 hectares, within 100 hectares of garrigue, comprising evergreen oaks and wild herbs.
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