evergreen oak

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evergreen oak of southern Europe having leaves somewhat resembling those of holly

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Constraints on transpiration from an evergreen oak tree in southern Portugal.
There are deciduous and evergreen oaks for every climate and many have life spans that reach hundreds of years.
That, along with thinning, can give you a holly that looks remarkably like a small, handsome, evergreen oak.
If you a create This could be in the form of a windbreak made up of tougher trees, for example our native hawthorn, native Scots pines, the evergreen oak, Sorbus and sycamores.
Gardens surrounding Bryn Madyn boast a weeping ash, evergreen oak and cherry trees.
Then again, if it is an evergreen oak, the tree should be leafy year around.
All of Los Angeles is surrounded by and intertwined with chaparral, a name derived from ``chaparro,'' which is the Spanish word for dwarf evergreen oak.
Using a simple mix of four clipped evergreen oak Quercus ilex, York paving stones, a central sun dial, clipped box (Buxus sempervirens), roses called The Prince, blue salvias and Imperial Gem Lavender, he created a clear and dignified parterre which both lives up to the stately nature of the building and leads gently to the semiparkland landscape.
The project has included planting a combination of maple,purple sycamore and evergreen oak trees.
In the USA the same thinking applies to evergreen oaks which are called live oaks.
The great avenues of common limes, chestnuts, sycamores and evergreen oaks our Georgian and Victorian ancestors planted when landscaping parks and streets are getting to the end of their natural lives and succumbing to disease, rot and unusually harsh weather patterns.
In scrublands, the trees (or "overstory") are often sand pines, scrub hickory and evergreen oaks.
Another way to distinguish the oaks is if they are live or evergreen oaks or deciduous oaks.
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