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being always present

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Thus, counseled by the ever-present spirit of her husband, Dame Dermody wrote:
He waited, not very alert now, but with the grip of the ever-present danger giving him an air of attentive gravity.
Even now, that she is walking up and down with a little triumphant flutter of her girlish heart at the sense that she is loved by the person of chief consequence in her small world, you may see in her hazel eyes an ever-present sunny benignity, in which the momentary harmless flashes of personal vanity are quite lost; and if she is happy in thinking of her lover, it is because the thought of him mingles readily with all the gentle affections and good-natured offices with which she fills her peaceful days.
Our Graham, with his ever-present bucket of white wine, enjoys a chinwag with George Clooney (who says the F word, the old fox), Kylie Minogue (who learns that a 'hag do' is a stag do for gay men), and loads more.
I don't drink a lot but it seems to be an ever-present seems to be an ever-present feature of my life.
e last of his 78 matches for the Gunners came on Saturday, when Arsene Wenger plumped for the FA F Cup ever-present A Cup ever-present instead of regular No.
Heaton (below), who is set to make his 49th appearance of the campaign against Ipswich, has been an ever-present for Sean Dyche's surprise package this term.
Whittingham had been ever-present for City this season and is a crucial player in central midfield.
It means Chase will lose his ever-present record this season when Castleford go to Crusaders for a League game on Saturday but he is free to face Huddersfield.
Saints also have a doubt over another ever-present, prop forward Bryn Hargreaves.
Saints also have a doubt over another ever-present, prop forward Bryn Hargreaves, who has a knee injury, but England back row forward Jon Wilkin is set to return after a three-game absence with a knee injury.
With the ever-present stifling heat, I moved many cases of intravenous fluid into the ambulances to use for the steady flow of daily heat casualties.
Its next leader must re-establish a product planning organization with teeth, deemphasize marketing, destroy the ever-present cult of personality, and recognize the sorry state of its powertrains so he can institute a long-term battle plan.
A lot of Amtrak's problems are not advertising-solvable issues," Harteveldt says, pointing to Amtrak's ever-present budget and infrastructure woes.
With demand rising along with an ever-present need to provide superior amenities, the demand for qualified A/ E/C firms is rising equally fast.