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being always present

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I don't drink a lot but it seems to be an ever-present seems to be an ever-present feature of my life.
e last of his 78 matches for the Gunners came on Saturday, when Arsene Wenger plumped for the FA F Cup ever-present A Cup ever-present instead of regular No.
Heaton (below), who is set to make his 49th appearance of the campaign against Ipswich, has been an ever-present for Sean Dyche's surprise package this term.
Whittingham had been ever-present for City this season and is a crucial player in central midfield.
It means Chase will lose his ever-present record this season when Castleford go to Crusaders for a League game on Saturday but he is free to face Huddersfield.
Saints also have a doubt over another ever-present, prop forward Bryn Hargreaves, who has a knee injury, but England back row forward Jon Wilkin is set to return after a three-game absence with a knee injury.
With the ever-present stifling heat, I moved many cases of intravenous fluid into the ambulances to use for the steady flow of daily heat casualties.
Its next leader must re-establish a product planning organization with teeth, deemphasize marketing, destroy the ever-present cult of personality, and recognize the sorry state of its powertrains so he can institute a long-term battle plan.
A lot of Amtrak's problems are not advertising-solvable issues," Harteveldt says, pointing to Amtrak's ever-present budget and infrastructure woes.
With demand rising along with an ever-present need to provide superior amenities, the demand for qualified A/ E/C firms is rising equally fast.
Mack referenced his years as head of the Los Angeles Urban League in which he dealt with ever-present tension between the LAPD and the black community.
Homeless people, cripples, and beggars--groups which were never before allowed to be visible--are ever-present in the major urban areas.
The ever-present telescreen could, ironically, become an emblem of citizen empowerment.
Their mood is rather like that of a romance novel cover taken to the max, the ever-present promise of heterosexual intimacy--everyone in Nakayama's work is white and straight--as a zone of earthy joy.
THE PHOTOGRAPH OF MY MOTHER sitting on my desk is familiar to me: the curls of her white hair, the wrinkles whose multiplication I have witnessed, the ever-present slight smile.