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He subsequently became one of the faces of Foxtel along with Hugh Jackman, but a much-hyped lifestyle show never eventuated, nor did Thorpe ever get around to producing.
Jane Butterworth, Pwllheli youth section chairman said: "Stephen has worked tirelessly, without his commitment the Welsh National Sailing Academy would never have eventuated and his hard work deserves to be recognised".
I think I was more just kind of open to the idea, which never eventuated, so .
local time (GMT), (2233 GMT Sunday) but no tsunami eventuated, according to the government's GeoNet monitoring service.
Zolani Matebese, the head of the broadband project, commented It is unfortunate that we have had to take such action, but it is as a result of noncompliance to the contract and we did not really have any other option Over the past year, we tried to assist CitiConnect as far as possible to resolve the issues and it just eventuated that they were not able to deliver.
The Socceroos had opportunities to test Spain's backline with two Tommy Oar free-kicks, but none of them eventuated in clear-cut chances.
html) has consistently said that he sees a future at Tottenham for Adebayor and no move eventuated in the summer.
Nothing eventuated from that conversation," protested BJ - prompting millions to repeat "eventuated".
He met Ann Dunham, a 17-year-old white American from Kansas, and had a short marriage that eventuated in the birth of future president, Barack Obama II in 1961.
It should be noted that both 'downside' and 'upside' risks would occur and that the final, agreed cost at the end of construction would amount to an aggregate position summing the financial impacts of all the risks which eventuated whether they individually caused an increase or decrease in the construction cost.
He said that Pakistan on its part remains committed to carrying on with the war against terrorism despite the heavy human and economic losses which have been eventuated by the recent floods.
The RBA is gradually pushing the rates back up as neither of the expected effect has eventuated
Fears that the closure of birthing services at the Blue Mountains Hospital would lead to roadside births have eventuated.
Readers, for example, are largely left to their own devices on the question of how Henri's reforms related to the factional politics of the Guise family and the strain of ultra-Catholic reformism that eventuated in the League.