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come out in the end

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We can see that Iraq was a bloodbath on every corner of that country and the stated aims for going into that war of improving the human rights situation and improving the rule of law did not eventuate," WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told a press conference in London.
If you only have time to read one of those papers now, look at Natasha Griggs' Finding My Place: a Western Australian public library program with national potential for at risk youth--and consider if your library could trial such a valuable low cost program, without waiting for any national dollars which might eventuate.
It is also considered by some to be an obsessive-compulsive disorder, to be more recalcitrant to intervention, and to be more socially disabling than simple habits, particularly when persistence and intensity eventuate in obvious alopecia.
Although a huge leap in sales did not eventuate, the novelty earned media coverage and airplay in Western countries.
Gemma's terror, uncertainty and conflicted reactions seep into the reader, but our worst fears do not eventuate.
Exploring the themes of testing true love and following your bliss, "Give Me the Moon" comes to some magical transitions that eventuate in the wonderful music of the violoncello.
And if an independent Pashtunistan were to eventuate, Harrison is sanguine that it would not threaten U.
If the promised professional learning opportunities for existing teachers eventuate, then this book will be an invaluable reader.
Going out on the water hoping for an on time start was a little optimistic and the breeze failed to eventuate leading to an early lunch break.
The firm said he had had several verbal warnings about his driving and, following a final warning, dismissed him because it feared a serious injury might eventuate.
I made the decision because it became very clear to me that the commitments that were made to me and that I agreed to in 2006 involving external parties were not going to eventuate.
His expectation of a full apology for wartime aggression did not eventuate and the trip was considered a failure.
There's been much agreed on before where the Murray-Darling is concerned, but today, some years down the track, the release of the billion-dollar critical environmental flows, central to the discussions, are apparently largely still to eventuate.
at the scientific level of generality and precision, each of our accepted beliefs may eventuate as false and many of our accepted beliefs will eventuate as false' (26).
It will eventuate in great cost savings if the payers would reimburse physicians for keeping patients healthy and away from hospitals.