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Synonyms for eventual

Synonyms for eventual

capable of being but not yet in existence

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expected to follow in the indefinite future from causes already operating

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In that moment as I stood before the heartless tribunal I felt that my life would be a very little thing to give could it save to the human race of Pellucidar the chance to come into its own by insuring the eventual extinction of the hated, powerful Mahars.
Ghak and Dacor reached a very amicable arrangement, and it was at a council of the head men of the various tribes of the Sari that the eventual form of government was tentatively agreed upon.
La laughed a bitter laugh, for in her heart she knew that Tarzan's sin was greater than the purloining of the sacrificial knife of Opar; yet as she looked at him lying bound and helpless before her, tears rose to her eyes so that she had to turn away to hide them; but she remained inflexible in her determination to make him pay in frightful suffering and in eventual death for daring to spurn the love of La.
Was all his talk about the consciousness and intelligence of machines merely a prelude to eventual exhibition of this device--only a trick to intensify the effect of its mechanical action upon me in my ignorance of its secret?
The eventual re-introduction, however, of these Fables of Aesop to their high place in the general literature of Christendom, is to be looked for in the West rather than in the East.
Last night Challenger said that he never cared to walk on the Thames Embankment and look up the river, as it was always sad to see one's own eventual goal.
The repeated summons to surrender, which Paul uttered in a voice that he intended should strike terror in their young bosoms, were as little heeded as were the calls of the trapper to abandon a resistance, which might prove fatal to some among them, without offering the smallest probability of eventual success.
She threatened him with the wrath of Naratu, and at that he changed his tactics and began to plead, and as he argued with her, promising her safety and eventual freedom, the warrior he had kicked out of the hut made his staggering way to the hut occupied by Naratu.
De alli la necesidad de ahondar en estas sentencias de la Sala de Casacion Penal del Tribunal Supremo de Justicia, las cuales invitan al estudio del articulo 61 del CR bien para dar cuenta del sentido del vocablo intencion, como para ofrecer algunas razones en torno al por que los referidos tipos penales exigen un actuar intencional y, en este sentido, para valorar la conveniencia o necesidad de una definicion del dolo eventual o tipificacion de tipos doloso eventuales en una futura reforma del Codigo Penal venezolano.
This memoir of former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin covers his early memories as the son of an illustrious cabinet minister, his experiences as a law student in Toronto and Montreal businessman, his family life and his eventual entry into politics.
KIRKHEATON Under 9s were beaten only on penalties by eventual winners Shipley in the Settle United Junior Tournament.
It started a run that took them to the semi-finals of the Fairs Cup before losing to eventual winners Newcastle.
It reads as if racing is to gain less and less from the eventual sale, as successive promises by the government are broken one by one.
He remembers how competitive it was in those early '80s, when Pavin, two-time All-American Delsing, eventual two-time tour winner Pernice and eventual U.
The eventual cost of the new Tyne Tunnel will, obviously, be a matter of close public scrutiny.