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protrusion of the intestine through the abdominal wall

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Autum was diagnosed with eventration of the diaphragm, in which all or part of the diaphragmatic muscle is replaced by fibroelastic tissue.
The consultant knew this condition--"congenital eventration of the diaphragm"--to be an interesting but irreparable curiosity, important only in newborns when both lungs are compressed, threatening asphyxiation.
Procurement Surgical Suture, Priest, According to Tender Specifications Nets Eventration
The heart and/or the cardiac apex also may be in the midline or on the right owing to skeletal, diaphragmatic, or lung abnormalities (6, 7), such as when the heart is pulled over by loss of right-lung volume as in this case or when it is pushed over by eventration of the left hemidiaphragm (8).