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Synonyms for eventful

Synonyms for eventful

full of events or incidents


having important issues or results

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The beauty of eventfulness also appears in this aesthetics in the way the notion of a developing tradition enlivens the Council of Trent's teaching on the cooperative role of human agency in the encounter with divine grace.
Liminality and thresholds are essentially spatio-temporal concepts and as such are deeply rooted in human experience of historicality and in understanding change and eventfulness as an attribute of human life, but in literature the representation of these concepts and experiences has become an effective aesthetic device to promote a deeper understanding of being human.
At present she is collaborating with Peter Huhn from Hamburg and other colleagues on a book entitled Eventfulness in Lyric Poetry.
The focus of the discussion is on elements taken from the study of perspective, including the communication structure and entities of a narrative work, narrative point of view, and the relationship between narrator's text and characters' text, as well elements taken from the study of the sujet (the way a narrative is structured), including issues of narrativity and eventfulness and narrative transformation of happenings.
66), and how Constable's pictures manifest life in all its unpredictability and eventfulness, as well their potential for disorder.
As Teiresias, Prince of Thebes, explains, speaking of Odysseus, "He craves eventfulness the way my shadow/thirsts for its embodiment.
The lack of its realization, the impossibility of its eventfulness, is contained within the folds of the unwritten book of liquidation.
Its eventfulness enters into uneventful lives giving them new texture and substance" (90).
Finally, they would accept without scruple a biased phrase such as "finales of an eventfulness that no Italian would have been capable of" (p.
Feminist time, Morris suggests, is not about Enduring Knowledge or lost heritages but rather eventfulness (recognition of surprising, singular, accidental emergences) and practical interventions ("creating effective ways of action in the present") (xx).
The literal facts and sites of the encounters with Joey, with Jolly, and in the third play with Deeny are not paramount in the plays' eventfulness.
History, it seems, does indeed come full circle, and press night had its fair share of eventfulness and momentum.
Yong Kee Howe 2003 The Paradox of Independence: Articulating the Eventfulness of the Cold War in Sarawak, Borneo.
Experiencing this potential for change, experiencing the eventfulness and uniqueness of every situation, even the most conventional ones, that's not necessarily about commanding movement--it's about navigating movement.
Lindsay Jones, Monumental Occasions: Reflections on the Eventfulness of Religious Architecture, vol.