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Synonyms for eventful

Synonyms for eventful

full of events or incidents


having important issues or results

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37) Catholic mimesis in this aesthetical style appreciates the way the very temporality of tradition captures the truth of the economy of salvation that eventfully unfolds on this side of the Last Judgment.
A) Because of external mycelia scatetring of micorrhiza fungi in soil that eventfully enhances absorption level,mycelia are able to absorb phosphore from inaccessible areas of the plant roots and transfer it to the plant roots,since,among all different ways of nutrients absorption,phosphore is absorbed through diffusion generally, but in the presence of micorrhizae fungi,mycelia fungi are able to absorb these elements actively and consequently, phosphore absorption rath eliminates (Al-karaki and Al-Raddad, 1997).
That incident led to scandalous claims on Wearside about Chopra not wanting to score against his 'beloved' United and eventfully to the return of the "Prodigal Son" to the Bluebirds.
Let's just say September would have ended less eventfully than it did, with its 777-point slide in the domestic stock market and rippling effects around the globe, costing $1.
Proceedings started eventfully enough with Nicholls' early goal and two minutes later a strike from Stourbridge's Lee Bullimore was ruled out for a foul on the 'keeper.
I think that it would be fair to say that no disciplinary formation in the academy has responded more forcefully, complicatedly, or eventfully to Derrida's interventions than romantic studies.
THE Fulke Walwyn Kim Muir Handicap Chase proved to be one of the most eventfully traded races, even though the winner, Cloudy Lane, was up there all the way.
The contest, which had started so eventfully, began to close up and it was only the Iron who ever looked likely to extend their lead.
Premice began a long and valiant struggle with emphysema, which eventfully claimed her life.
No one advanced more eventfully than Christianson, whose 4-under-par total included a double-bunker bogey, a tee shot that wedged in a palm tree and another that found a lake.
Grace is construed as ultimately experiential in a manner absolutely present and fully luminous to the seeker, whether the seeker is eventfully arrested in one's present or calmly reflective on one's past.