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Synonyms for eventful

Synonyms for eventful

full of events or incidents


having important issues or results

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The general, however, had had an opportunity of seeing him once or twice since the eventful evening, and had spoken very seriously with him; but though he had seen the prince, as I say, he told his family nothing about the circumstance.
Early to bed to-night, Watson, for I foresee that to-morrow may be an eventful day.
They had a long, eventful voyage; they were chased, or imagined themselves to be chased, for some hours by an Asiatic ironclad, which was presently engaged by a British cruiser.
As we stood, waiting for the eventful moment, I heard someone behind call out:
It was a momentous and eventful day to all upon our plantation.
The broom tail resumed its accustomed duties in the kitchen, and finally, the Scarecrow replaced all the clotheslines and ropes on the pegs from which he had taken them on the eventful day when the Thing was constructed.
But this was not to be the only eventful conversation which Mrs.
No one remembered the date of the eventful conversation which resulted in the Doctor's experiment (no one but himself at least); so when the aunts were invited to tea one Saturday they came quite unsuspiciously, and were all sitting together having a social chat, when Brother Alec entered with two photographs in his hand.
A few instants alone separate us from an eventful moment.
The clergyman had spoken so touchingly, the children who were confirmed had been greatly moved; it was an eventful day for them; from children they become all at once grown-up-persons; it was as if their infant souls were now to fly all at once into persons with more understanding.
Of the kind which Pinocchio had on that eventful morning of his life, there are but few.
I could not help being struck by the strange coincidences that had taken place during this eventful night; but, knowing that I had been conversing with several persons in the island I had inhabited about the time that the body had been found, I was perfectly tranquil as to the consequences of the affair.
Four eventful things happened in the course of the winter.
So ended my eventful first day at Limmeridge House.
It was evident that very grave and eventful proceedings were on foot; but various surmises were afloat, respecting their precise character.