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the sixth of the seven canonical hours of the divine office


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(Anglican Church) a daily evening service with prayers prescribed in the Book of Common Prayer

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evensong at Hudders-eld Parish Church uses the words of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer and the church choir sings most Sunday afternoons but guest choirs are invited on occasion.
The Liverpool Cathedral evensong will include Jubilate Deo, by Gabrieli; St Paul's Service, by Herbert Howells; and Hear My Words Ye People, by Parry.
30pm Evensong, Walmisley in D minor, In exitu Israel - S.
5pm Choral Evensong Introit: Alleluia ascendit Deus - Byrd, Responses - Reading, Psalm 147, Tomkins Second Service, Ascendit Deus - Philips, Hymns.
It's good to know there are places where traditional Evensong is still offered regularly.
5pm Choral Evensong, Introit: Gott lebet noch - Bach, Responses - Smith, Psalm 96, Noble in B minor, Christ rising - Byrd, Hymns.
The conference of bishops from 13 countries or regions was not expected to -- nor could it -- produce theological agreements, but contained highly-visible symbolic moments: the Archbishop of Canterbury preaching at an Anglican evensong service in a Roman Catholic cathedral, a joint news conference led by Catholic and Anglican prelates.
4pm Evensong, Dyson in D, Howells - Here is the little door.
They then sat in the congregation during evensong and left during the singing of the psalm.
The dreadful sound of mopeds can be clearly heard during Evensong as they roar, unchecked down the lanes and grasslands of the park
30pm evensong in St James' Church, sung by the cathedral choir.
Archbishop Carey preached at Anglican evensong held in St.
5pm Choral Evensong Introit: Prayer for peace - Lord, Responses - Smith, Psalm 119, Aston in F, Cast me not away - SS Wesley, Hymns.
30pm Evensong attended by the Freemasons of Herefordshire: Psalm 84, Kelly in C, Jubilate Deo - Britten, Hymns, Voluntary: Marche Heroique - Herbert Brewer.
The installation is to take place at Durham Cathedral during Evensong on Sunday, May 9, at 3.