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a planet (usually Venus) seen at sunset in the western sky

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Higher up, in the utter clarity of the western slope, the evening star hung like a lamp suspended by silver chains--like the lamp engraved upon the title-page of old Latin texts, which is always appearing in new heavens, and waking new desires in men.
Afar in the southwest was the great shimmering, pearl-like sparkle of an evening star in a sky that was pale golden and ethereal rose over gleaming white spaces and dark glens of spruce.
The Joyce has long participated in Lower Manhattan through its Evening Stars programs in Battery Park--just blocks from Ground Zero.
It is still bustling with people today, the workers now in restaurants and bars as I saunter under evening stars viewing the Victorian red-brick of the Pierhead, symbol of a once mighty port.
A priori, the concept of morning and evening stars offers a meaningful context for a close association of planets with the sun.
The evening stars Slaughterhouse Live, Chris Cairns, Dlaiso Chaponda and Sully O'Sullivan.
This taut psychological drama set in a bar on an incredibly tense evening stars Maurice Dean Wint.
A docent hike with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy will take you to the summit of Rocky Peak Park to enjoy the evening stars, rising planets and spectacular views from 6:30 to 9:30 p.
An opossum holding a sprig of mistletoe can be found "hanging around" Nairobi Village under the park's evening stars to help enhance an enchanting evening and stir up a little holiday romance.
A brainstorm in programming ideas comes to Battery Park courtesy of Evening Stars, which will juxtapose three generations of influence in one concert.