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a planet (usually Venus) seen at sunset in the western sky

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Indeed, Venus continues its Evening Star appearance this week alongside Mercury and Jupiter in the conjunction I talked about last week.
I saw to my delight it was Evening Star, the last engine to be built for British Rail.
It is in contention to be named Daily/Sunday newspaper of the year, alongside the Cambridge News, the Lancashire Evening Post, Ipswich Evening Star and Carlisle News and Star.
From those shows came the creation of the legendary concert promotion firm, Evening Star which eventually became the Southwest's most prominent concert promoter, booking and promoting the majority of the shows that came to Las Vegas and New Mexico, as well.
Yet I can see your radiance like the evening star Come to light the
The release marks the 50th anniversary of the building of British Rail's last-ever steam train, the 9F Class Evening Star.
213, AF and AM in Eugene, and Evening Star Lodge No.
6617 as prices put in an Evening Star on a re-test of support-turned-resistance at a rising trend line established from the swing lows.
In the second match of the evening star studded Muscat Beach trading team scored 157 runs for the loss of three wickets against a spirited Ghala CC.
A modicum of independent evidence suggests that 'Attar as well as his suspected alter ego, 'Azizu, represented the morning or evening star.
Ipswich Town's David Norris, 27, who gestured for friend Luke McCormick and was fined pounds 5,000 by the FA, backed the Ipswich Evening Star in naming guilty drivers.
The lovely story of Osseo, Son of the Evening Star may inspire story telling at your own hearth.
The tracks are Morning Star (5:03); Raven Dance (6:33); Desert Skies (5:24); Where Spirits Dwell (6:47); Swallows & Nighthawks (3:53); Thunder on the Mesa (5:42); Thermals (2:52); Lost Canyons (8:33); Huukyangw [Wind] (6:30); Chasing the Sun (6:28); Twilight Canyon (5:45); and Evening Star (3:39).
In Palmdale, deputies found 192 marijuana plants at a house in the 39000 block of Evening Star Street; 70 plants at a house in the 4000 block of East Avenue R-13; 665 plants at one in the 2400 block of Carolyn Drive; and 208 plants in the 37000 block of Justin Court.
One nice guy who turned him down at the Evening Star did tell Al that he knew a guy who was planning to launch a weekly newsletter aimed at the new television industry and might be hiring.