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a planet (usually Venus) seen at sunset in the western sky

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Indeed, Venus continues its Evening Star appearance this week alongside Mercury and Jupiter in the conjunction I talked about last week.
I saw to my delight it was Evening Star, the last engine to be built for British Rail.
After joining the Washington Evening Star in 1944, she worked her way up to covering local and national stories in D.
The most appropriate explanation of Iamblichos' identification of Azizos and Monimos with Ares and Hermes, respectively, therefore seems to be that just as Azizos and Monimos themselves are the two aspects of the Venus star, representing the Morning and the Evening star and at the same time Venus' militant and protecting qualities, so Ares and Hermes stand for the same two main aspects of Venus.
The tracks are Morning Star (5:03); Raven Dance (6:33); Desert Skies (5:24); Where Spirits Dwell (6:47); Swallows & Nighthawks (3:53); Thunder on the Mesa (5:42); Thermals (2:52); Lost Canyons (8:33); Huukyangw [Wind] (6:30); Chasing the Sun (6:28); Twilight Canyon (5:45); and Evening Star (3:39).
In Palmdale, deputies found 192 marijuana plants at a house in the 39000 block of Evening Star Street; 70 plants at a house in the 4000 block of East Avenue R-13; 665 plants at one in the 2400 block of Carolyn Drive; and 208 plants in the 37000 block of Justin Court.
One nice guy who turned him down at the Evening Star did tell Al that he knew a guy who was planning to launch a weekly newsletter aimed at the new television industry and might be hiring.
In late 2008, for example, Venus is the Evening Star and skywatchers in Alaska can witness this phenomenon.
So, 2005 was a good Evening Star year, but 2006 will not be.
The brewery, which began its life 12 years ago in the cellar of Camra Pub of The Year 2005, The Evening Star Pub in Brighton, has already secured a listing for the ale with Thresher and it is looking to increase its off-trade presence.
newspaper the Evening Star recently reported that the town of Ipswich, Suffolk has introduced a new hybrid diesel electric shuttle bus.
PAUL D'ARCY has accepted 'a substantial sum in damages' and an apology from the publishers of the Ipswich-based Evening Star over an article that claimed he had acted unlawfully over the sale of subsequent Classic winner Indian Haven.
In 1970, he joined the editorial page staff of The (Washington) Evening Star.
It is known as the Morning Star as well as the Evening Star.
He left the Daily News to join the Evening Star in 1969, reporting on professional and collegiate sports.