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Lying on the floor was a dead man, in evening dress, with a knife in his heart.
Another highlight will be Adrian's red sequined evening dress worn by Joan Crawford in the film "The Bride Wore Red.
Fifties evening dress, pounds 185, I (020 7602 9097); shoes, pounds 25, New Look; evening bag, pounds 325, Lulu Guinness (020 8483 3333)
The top lot was an evening dress by Yves Saint Laurent, which sold for 91,750 [pounds sterling]," the spokeswoman said.
The Prince, who arrived with Ms Versace - who was dressed in a plunging aquamarine evening dress - was ushered into the lavish show entitled Diamonds are Forever, with the co-host, Anthony Oppenheimer, president of De Beers.
There is also a red silk and chiffon evening gown, worn by Lady Mary at the dramatic moment in series two when she tells media magnate Sir Richard Carlisle that they will not be married, and a tunic-style evening dress worn by Shirley MacLaine, who plays Martha Levinson, the Countess of Grantham's mother, during last year's Downton Abbey Christmas Special, set in 1923.
The Spice Girl told me this week at the launch of her evening dress line for Next she has an album of potential hits good to go.
Here's a sneak preview of the Fab-ulous evening dress Miss Wales is hoping will make her Miss World.
And thrilled fundraisers for the Noah's Ark Appeal hope the red evening dress will bring in more than pounds 1,000 for the charity.
I've got a glittery red evening dress by Versace which I'm hoping to wear -it's red for Wales, but you have to be incredibly toned to wear it, so I'll have to drag Lembit up a few North Wales mountains first.
The royal blue crepe evening dress is being billed as the one she wore while entertaining troops in Korea in 1954 and is expected to fetch pounds 50,000.
When the audience noticed her, a diminutive figure in a black evening dress behind the tall ballerinas in pink tutus in Prologue, there was a storm of applause and a standing ovation.
Contrary to popular belie men do like to dress up and do all those primeval peacock prances that have Desmond Morris going hot under his roleck and if you want to encourage your man to express his elemental nature then advise him on the right and wrongs of evening dress.
1910 - 1920: The Great War Garment: Evening dress, silk satin, lace and diamante decoration from about 1911-1913.
For example, a red long evening dress, with red hair, red lips and red contact lenses would make any woman look like a medieval witch, but with an enchantingly different, sexy taste.